Career / Job

The time one spends at a university is an incomparable moment, where the opportunity to start anew is always available and the opportunities to shape the course and destiny of one’s life abound.

The Career Center

The Career Center exists to assist students not only in securing the occupation of their dreams, but to assist those who remain unsure of what vocation they want to pursue. The center is a place at which the university and its students come together to provide career-counseling services of the highest quality.

At Soka University, some 100 fourth-year students are assigned as either Career Support Staff (CSS) or Recruitment Support Staff (RSS) to counsel underclassmen on career and placement issues by holding special forums and by sharing their experiences as job-hunters.

Career Support

  1. Helps students find purpose and meaning to their university life
  2. Provides a broad range of support services to students taking the civil service examinations and other national and professional certification exams
  3. Establishes opportunities for participating employers to provide students with internship experience and visits to companies
  4. Serves as bridge to bring a student’s acquired skills and his or her future goals together with their course instruction, study abroad experience, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, part-time job experience and other accomplishments, aiding students to achieve a wholesome balance to their strengths
  5. Provides an opportunity for students to discuss potential careers on a daily, non-stressful basis

Providing Space to Contemplate Careers

  1. Provides an opportunity to contemplate potential careers and holds career counseling sessions on daily basis with professional career consultants, and alumni and fourth-year students of Soka University who have already been promised employment
  2. Provides opportunities for students to link future work with specialized courses, study abroad programs and professional certification as a basic part of university life
  3. Actively engages in the production and distribution of email newsletters, as well as organizes gatherings for seminars and extracurricular clubs

Placement Support

The Career Center also provides an impressive array of placement support services, particularly for students in their third year of university. These services range from basic guidance on occupations and forums by Soka University alumni to instruction on effective composition of CVs.

  1. Offers extensive services such as placement counseling interviews, synopses on potential employers and placement seminars
  2. Provides the latest information on the corporate job market by networking with enterprises and actively gathering employment information
  3. Organizes various placement support events, including classes to improve scores on the national bookkeeping qualification examinations, guidance sessions on hiring practices, discussions with Soka University alumni and on-campus briefings held jointly between companies and our school
  4. Organizes opportunities for students to broaden their scope of occupational interests by offering insights and information on various vocations and industries as conveyed by the people actually working in the field, thereby enabling students to gain a clearer understanding of the work they do
  5. Provides comprehensive placement support, from preparing to find jobs to follow-up counseling once students are promised employment