Global Program to Develop Human Resources

Global Citizenship Program

Under the aegis of its founding principle to become a citadel of peace, Soka University launched the Global Citizenship Program (GCP) in April 2010. The GCP, which is the equivalent of an Honors Program at foreign universities, strives to develop broad humanistic and humanitarian perspectives on global issues for undergraduate students who seek careers on the international stage. The GCP is also central to the university’s Grand Design Initiative, which was adopted to maximize our educational resources in commemoration of our golden anniversary in 2021.

Key Elements of Program

Key Elements of Program

Global Citizenship Program

Faculty-Based Programs for Study Abroad and Other Initiatives

Faculty of Economics International Program

Under the Faculty of Economics International Program, curricular instruction is conducted entirely in English, thereby advancing expertise in the discipline itself as well as in international communication skills. Students who have achieved a certain level of English-language proficiency can participate in the Japan Asian Studies (JAS) Program in which both Japanese and international students are taught the economic, historical and cultural intricacies of Japan and Asia.

Faculty of Economics Global Program

Instructing students in English specifically relevant to the Faculty of Economics curriculum, the Global Program aims to train professionals capable of excelling in careers overseas. Among the program’s highlights are courses centered on onsite training at such foreign institutions as the United Nations or the head offices of multinational corporations.

Faculty of Letters Dual Degree Course

Students who enroll in the Dual Degree Course spend their freshmen and senior years studying at Soka University, but study abroad in their second and third years at one of two institutes: Beijing Language and Culture University for those who seek proficiency in Chinese or England’s University of Buckingham for English-language learners. Those who complete the program are eligible to earn baccalaureates from both Soka University and the foreign university.

Faculty of Law Peace & Human Rights Program

Under this program to aims to advance peace and human rights, law majors who aspire to careers in international law, the Foreign Service or international agencies have the opportunity to gain English-language proficiency. The program also provides students to study abroad at participating foreign institutes.