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  • 留学日記(春季研修インド・セントスティーブンスカレッジ 2018年3月4日)

2018年03月04日 10時56分

留学日記(春季研修インド・セントスティーブンスカレッジ 2018年3月4日)

Following one person is the key to bringing together a group and avoids being lost in a new crowded market place. In the morning we scheduled out the day by creating a list of the remaining money of each person in the group and a list of the things we wanted which was from Dr. Mukesh Williams advice and which we followed that leaded to our success in our shopping at Kamla Nagar. We were taken to places accordingly to the list in the morning to buy Indian food, snacks, beverages and beauty aids and came back to the Guest House for Lunch. After that we went back to shopping Indian cotton kurtis, shirts, cutlery, watches and silver jewelry. We had 2 breaks in between to have cool beverages and Indian sweets. Whenever we had a doubt in buying something, Dr. Williams would always help and guided us with the best products around. We came back from shopping at 7pm and had dinner together with Ms. Teramoto at 7:30pm. After that we had our evening meeting where Mr. Nafis who was also taking us around shopping that he is a little tired but very happy that he could shop with all of us. We also shared our thoughts about today and all concluded on thanking Dr. Williams, without the support of him not only today’s success but also this program was not possible. After the meeting, one of our group members told us how she was shocked to see the disparity of India. Dr. Williams concluded by saying we are seeing this everywhere in the world, including in Japan and what we can do is to do our best in each situation to help people.

Delhi Program 2018 Group Leader
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