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  • 留学日記(春季研修インド・セントスティーブンスカレッジ 2020年2月21日)

2020年02月21日 13時40分

留学日記(春季研修インド・セントスティーブンスカレッジ 2020年2月21日)

21.2.2020 FRI
Today, we participate MELLOW national conforence.I learned it is important to think and see the process about Japanese literature. Europian materialism influence strongly. In addition, we thought what is good book, the power of literature, what is multimately value. Especially, I was glad to get connection with bangradesh woman writer.I am looking foward to read her book!
Furthermore, I could talk with many India scholarship.
My attitude of learning English was changing. I want to learn English more.

21/February 2020
today, we are goining to go to Chandigarh for participating MELOW. we have to do presentation. we have several things on the way to travel. but, we was able to arrive safely.
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