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  • FILA: Social Entrepreneurship in Action


FILA: Social Entrepreneurship in Action

Social Entrepreneurship in Action

Course Name: Introduction to Global Economy and Business
Instructor: Prof. U. Aytun Ozturk
Date of the event: November 16, 2017
Venue of the event: Soka University
Students enrolled in the FILA course, Introduction to Global Economy and Business, and Prof. Aytun welcomed Ms. Yumi Someya to Soka campus in November. Being inspired by her experiences witnessing deforestation in Nepal, Ms. Someya, CEO of U’s Corporation, established and grew a business that produces Vegetable Diesel Fuel (VDF) from waste cooking oil. The fuel produced can be used to run vehicles and power generators but more importantly it helps reduce waste. Ms. Someya’s company that focuses on renewable energy was previously featured in the Time magazine in the US and a TV show that aired on the TBS network in Japan. During her visit students learned first-hand the challenges that they would need to tackle in building a social venture in Japan.