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  • FILA: Dr. George Wang’s Seminar Trip to Taiwan

The group arrived in Taipei Station


FILA: Dr. George Wang’s Seminar Trip to Taiwan

Dr. George Wang’s Seminar Trip to Taiwan

Course Title: Seminar
Instructor: Dr.George Wang
Date: March 26, 2018
Venue.: Taiwan
                 National Chengchi University (NCCU, 国立政治大学) and Chien-Kuo Technology (CTU, 建国科技大学).
 One of the core concepts of FILA courses is to have students to understand importance of globalization and to apply this knowledge in decision-making as a global citizen. For years, Prof. George Wang has led his seminar students to visit multinational companies and to experience diversity of difference cultures during the semester break. This recent seminar trip to Taiwan was conducted in the period of March 14-17, 2018, with participation of 9 seminar students and 2 study-abroad students. On this trip, the seminar group visited two partner universities of Soka University, National Chengchi University (NCCU, 国立政治大学) and Chien-Kuo Technology (CTU, 建国科技大学).

 At NCCU, students got to interact with local students by campus tour activities. The College of Social Sciences, NCCU, treated the delegation with a warm welcome lunch and local cuisine. Both Dean of College of Social Sciences, Prof. Chiang, Min-Shiu (江明修), and Director of International Graduate Programs, Prof. Wang, Shin-Shih (王信實), expressed their highly interest to collaborate with the Faculty of International Liberal Arts (FILA) in future. At CTU, our students took a practical Chinese language lesson from CTU’s professor and students. In addition to language exchange, CTU treated our students with local cuisine and free stay in their guest house. In return, Prof. Wang delivered a speech, titled “The Opportunities and Challenges of Green Marketing for Corporate Sustainable Development”, to the students of both universities.

 In addition to academic activities, the students also experienced transportation infrastructure, such as Airport Express, Taipei Metro, Taiwan HighSpeed Rail, and Taipei 101 Building, and cultural sites, such as National Theater and LongShan Temple. At the end of the trip, all the students express how much they have learned from this trip and how they treasure this wonderful memory. and hope they can come visit again.
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