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2018/06/18 11:03

FILA: Global Workshop II

FILA: Global Workshop II

Instructor: Prof. Maria Guajardo
Date: March 17
Venue.: Soka Univeristy
Course: Global Workshop II

Global Workshop II was offered as a two-day seminar during Spring Break, March 16 and 17, 2018, to provide students with an introduction to educational philosophy that connects East and West; developing a deeper understanding of John Dewey’s philosophy on education, nature, leadership, creativity, and an opportunity to engage with a global leader.

On March 17th students met with Dr. Jim Garrison, co-author with Daisaku Ikeda and Larry Hickman, of the dialogue book Living as Learning – John Dewey in the 21st Century. Dr. Garrison also served as the Soka University Commencement speaker on March 18th. Over 30 individuals participated in the course, including students from nine different countries who spoke 12 languages. Here are some comments from students:

“In his own words, the dialogue with Mr. Jim Garrison can be best described as “the intoxication of meeting a great spirit”. In all humility, he demonstrated a transcendent understanding of the Soka pedagogy and the Founder’s vision, and in that short period of time, he was able to expand our perceptions and inspire us to create value whilst singlehandedly touching the hearts of every student present.”

“The workshop yesterday with Jim Garrison was one of the most humbling experiences of my life. I was able to ask one of the most pressing questions of 21st century education related to standardized testing and grades. I was able to receive a profound response related to the power of these tests, how these tests create standardized individuals that also discriminate students. He condemned these tests and spoke about how each of us are different and unique in our own ways and we must be able to embrace our history and move forward to create a change in the future. Having received this reaffirmation from him, I would strive to become a first class global citizen always trying to find solutions to global issues contributing to society and value creating throughout my life.”
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