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Online International Symposium

Theme: New Education During Pandemic 2020
July 10, 2020  13:00-15:00

Prof. Arvind Lodaya (USA)
A design, branding and innovation expert, professor, and activist. Ambedkar University,
Visiting Professor University of New Mexico
Lecture Topic: “New Methods of Teaching in India and the United States During COVID-19”

Prof. Mustafa Kamal Azad (Bangladesh)
Dean of the School of Business, Bangladesh Open University and Professor in International and Development Economics
Lecture Topic: “New Education in Bangladesh During COVID-19”

Ms. Silky Arora (India)
Visiting Professor Ambedkar University, Design Thinker & Learning facilitator
Lecture Topic: “Reimagining Learning”

Asst. Prof. Megha Jacob (India)
Lecturer of Economics, Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi
Lecture Topic: “New Methods of Teaching in India During COVID-19”