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  • Provision of resources to SUN Soka Univ. News 2021 – Kaiso Photo Gallery


Provision of resources to SUN Soka Univ. News 2021 – Kaiso Photo Gallery

The “Kaiso Photo Gallery” started as a back-cover project with the 101st issue of Soka University’s PR magazine, SUN Soka Univ. News.
The “Kaiso Photo Gallery” is a project page that recalls the history of Soka University, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, with nostalgic photos and essays.
Photographs were provided for SUN issues 108 and 109 that were published this year.

In SUN No. 108 which was published in January this year, the institute provided photographs of two straw thatched gassho-zukuri houses, the “The Classic House” and “House of Manyo”, which were presented to the university by the founder as folk materials to transmit cultural traditions prior to the opening of the university, and it was often used by the tea ceremony club and others. In SUN No. 109, the institute provided photographs of the bronze statues – Statue of Printer and Angel and Statue of Blacksmith and Angel, which were presented by the founder 50 years ago during the opening ceremony of the university.

Both of these photographs symbolize the pioneering period of the university, and the essay describes the scene at that time.

SUN No. 109 Unveiling ceremony of the bronze statues

SUN No. 108 The Classic House and House of Manyo

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