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  • Soka Education Issue No.15 is Completed


Soka Education Issue No.15 is Completed

Soka Education No.15 Issue is completed and published.
This journal can be viewed and downloaded for free.

 [Soka Education]
No.1 – No.15 (2008-2022)

[Soka Education Research]
1st Issue – 6th Issue (2002-2007)

Table of Contents in Soka Education Journal No.15 Issue

What Ikeda Daisaku learned at “Toda University”
 Masayuki Shiohara

Keynote Speech: 11th International Academic Symposium on the Philosophy of Daisaku Ikeda
 Yoshihisa Baba
My Pathway to Kant
 Shigeru Fukutani
John Dewey – The Idea of a Living Meliorism
 Chiharu Fujii

Discussion Meeting
Discussion Commemorating 150th anniversary of Tsunesaburo Makiguchi’s Birth, Current Status and Issues in Makiguchi Research
 Masayuki Shiohara, Andrew Gebert
 Shinichi Ushida, Yusaku Iwaki, Takao Ito

Recent Work on Ikeda’s Thoughts and Philosophy in China
 Tsuyoshi Takahashi, Shingo Horiguchi

Reference Material
The Fifty Years of Soka University History Reference List (2)
 The Fifty Years of Soka University History Editorial Committee Edition

Book Reviews
“The Origin of Soka Education” Compilation Committee. “Critical Biography of Josei Toda – Part 2 on the origin of Soka Education”
 Shinichiro Matsui
 [Soka Education and Humanism]
 Ritsuko Rita
Written by Takeshi Saito [Embarking from “The Geography of Human Life”]
 Yusaku Iwaki

Institute Activity Report (2021)
Editor’s Note
Table of Contents in English