Statistical data

University statistics - 2023 April

870,000 square meters School site area of Soka University and Soka Women's College
95 Square meter School land area per student
7,230 students Total number of students of Soka University (undergraduate, graduate)
6,835 students Undergraduate student numbers of Soka University
905 students Faculty of Economics student numbers
905 students Faculty of Business Administration student numbers
1,084 students Faculty of Law student numbers
1,669 students Faculty of Letters student numbers
791 students Faculty of Education student numbers
768 students Faculty of Science and Engineering student numbers
339 students Faculty of Nursing student numbers
371 students Faculty of International Liberal Arts student numbers
395 students Graduate of Soka University (including professional graduate school) number of students
163 students Graduate School of Engineering (master's and doctoral) number of students
94 students Graduate School of Letters (master's and doctoral) number of students
15 students Graduate School of Law (master's and doctoral) number of students
26 students Graduate School of Economics (master's and doctoral) number of students
25 students Graduate School of International Peace Studies (master's) number of students
39 students Professional Graduate School of Law School number of students
19 students Professional Graduate School of Teacher Education number of students
370 students Soka Women's College student numbers
353 people Full-time faculty members number of Soka University (professor, associate professor, lecturer, assistant professor)
14 people The number of teachers of Soka Women's College
20.5 students Soka University the number of students per teacher 1 person
26.4 students Soka Women's College number of students per teacher 1 person
more than 2,300 companies Soka University raw job prospective number of listed companies
396 people Judicial examination Successful candidate number (August 2021)
250 people CPA exam Successful candidate number (August 2021)
235 people Tax accountant test Successful candidate number(August 2021)
(Man) 4.9 : (Woman) 5.1 The male-to-female ratio of Soka University
68 countries and regions /
Soka University exchanges the number of universities (January 2024)
55 countries and about 737 students The number of international students studying at Soka University
194 students Yearly students going abroad (Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of students going abroad did not reach 200)
About 1 million books Central Library collection of books number of books