Messages to Prospective Graduate Students


    First of all, congratulations on having decided to work towards pursuing peace and making tangible contributions to society.

    This task is definitely not going to be easy, but that's what makes it worth pursuing.

    As part of the SIPS programme, you will be given the tools and resources to realise your own individual goals while never forgetting their relation to the vast, diverse and interconnected world. It is not an exaggeration to say that the learnings from your two years as part of the programme will serve you for life.

    Hang in there when things get tough, soak in the knowledge and make the best of your time here.

    All the very best!"

    Monica Thomas

    SIPS Graduating Class of 2019
    (the 1st graduating class) 
    Currently working as Content Executive in StoryWeaver, Pratham Books, India (as of Sep. 2021)

    Ankita Sehgal (India)
    SIPS Graduating Class of 2019
    (the 1st graduating class)

    Currently working for Peaceboat as an intern (as of Sep. 2021)

    Thank you for considering this program. I am from the first batch of SIPS. Immediately after graduation, I started interning with the initiative - every second count for Hibakusha by Peace boat. Daisaku Ikeda, the founder of my university, Soka University Japan, stated in his 2009 peace proposal, “If nuclear weapons epitomize the forces that would divide and destroy the world, they can only be overcome by the solidarity of ordinary citizens, which transforms hope into the energy to create a new era.” I thought to myself, India still carries 150 nuclear warheads and I wish to spread awareness in India about what actually happened in the year 1945 and the aftermath of the war that still follows. We can’t afford another war. I don't want to be Hibakusha 2.0. As I helped with the project, I listened to the testimonies of the hibakusha and shared the story of Sadako Sasaki again and again. In doing so, I realized that the pain of the atomic bomb survivors is incomparable and beyond comprehension; however, younger generations can take significant action to protect others from experiencing similar suffering in the future. I thus took personal responsibility to alert others that nuclear weapons still exist and pose a constant threat to all our lives. My participation was recognized by UNODA and they published my motivation to work for abolishing of nuclear weapons, they made me part of 'Youth for Disarmament'. I am determined to reach out to the world with the voices of hibakusha until the last person feels safe to live in the nuclear-free world. I always thought I can never do anything like this but it was possible because of what I gained at SIPs and Soka University. You too can achieve your dreams as big as you think.

    SIPS Graduating Class of 2020
    (the 2nd graduating class)

    Currently working as a social Entreprenuer and founder of beHuman Inc. (as of Sep. 2021)
    Hello! As a second batch SIPS alumni I want to sincerely congratulate you on embarking on the pioneering journey of SIPS with us! Surely you must be excited and nervous about various things in your life. But please rest assure that there are no obstacles too difficult for you to summon! Like us, you will definitely make many precious memories with your fellow class mates and SIPS faculty. I wish you all the best and an exhilarating time in Soka University!

    Khor Hui Min
    SIPS Graduating Class of 2020
    (the 2nd graduating class)

    I’m really grateful to be able to have my master degree of International Peace Studies in Soka University. It was my most fruitful and wonderful two years in my life. It enable me to broaden my view towards the world with the knowledges that obtained in the courses by actively exchange our ideas within my excellent course mates from all around the world.I especially love our lively discussions and great guidances from our beloved lecturers.I was able to develop my knowledges and at the same time improve my English communication skills. I would like to give my token of appreciation to all professors and course mates.
    I hope you can discover more from this course.

    Nice to meet you.

    Thank you for looking at this page and joining the Soka community!

    You are going to meet many like-minded people who came from different parts of the world in Soka University. Remember to make more friends and share your stories with them.

    I was enabled to broaden my knowledge, be more empathetic and examine conflict-related theories and issues. I focused on how hate speech acts as direct, structural and cultural violence in my thesis. I am now working in a non-profit organisation which focuses on promoting peace and transforming conflict. I conducted workshops for university students, secondary school teachers, as well as the public. Apart from peace education programmes, I also focus on topics of restorative justice, transitional justice, nonviolent communication and the like.

    Peace is a long journey and I hope we can walk together.

    Choi Kit Yan
    SIPS Graduating Class of 2019
    (the 1st graduating class)
    Currently working as Programme Officer in Peace Generation, Hong Kong (as of Sep. 2021

    I hope this message brings warmth to your hearts.
    This is Mu, an alumnus from the second cohort of the School of International Peace Studies of Soka University. Little more than 6 months ago and I was still a student, commuting to campus from my lovely apartment at the foot of Takiyama Mountain, baking loafs by 6 p.m. and making fresh Gnocchi to feed my friends.

    I will be always indebted to the opportunity extended to me by the department to integrate my cohort, alongside the courses and research work supervised carefully by the faculty. I believe the work I did as a student was instrumental to my success today as it amplified my ability to comprehend the world around me, analyze it rigorously and look for ways to wittingly initiate transformation in positive directions. I hope that you see in SIPS the right opportunities to expand your capacity for agency in the world and to polish yourselves into mindful global citizens who are ready to be courageous, ambitious and fearless in the global struggle for human dignity.

    Best of luck on your journey,

    SIPS Graduating Class of 2020
    (the 2nd graduating class)

    SIPS Graduating Class of 2020
    (the 2nd graduating class)
    Being a SIPS student has been the greatest experience of my life. I have found the multicultural environment particularly stimulating, and I had the chance to make meaningful friendships with brilliant people and future researchers from all over the world.
    Now that I have delved into the hottest topics and challenges that society has to face in the 21st century, I am ready to start further research in the next master's program, which will be on Middle Eastern studies. All the very best for your journey at Soka University.

    Kaveri Moitra
    SIPS Graduating Class of 2021
    (the 3rd graduating class)

    Studying at Soka University was my childhood dream that finally came true in April 2021. It was the best experience I have ever had in terms of expanding my knowledge and growing as a person to discover my true potential and mission in life. With faculty and friends from all across the world, I made strong bonds of trust and friendship and experienced the true meaning of Soka Education. I learnt the true meaning of the Soka values of Courage, Wisdom, and Compassion from everyone I met at Soka University. Participating in International Students activities, I could learn more about different countries and their cultures. Being a Soka University student was the most transformative, encouraging, and heartwarming experience ever and I realized that I too want to become a value-creating Educator and take action toward achieving the SDGs. I am eternally grateful to the founder Ikeda Sensei, Mrs. Ikeda, the faculty and staff of Soka, and my wonderful friends.