Conference on Advancing Security and Sustainability at the G7 Hiroshima Summit

    Soka University, the G7 Research Group, Soka Gakkai International, and the International Academy for Multicultural Cooperation organized an international conference on Advancing Security and Sustainability at the G7 Hiroshima Summit, which was held at Soka University on March 29th, 2023. The conference participants included influential experts and officials from Europe, North America, and Japan. They proposed several recommendations for the forthcoming G7 Hiroshima Summit in May 2023, especially on issues of nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament, climate and energy sustainability, and health security. Prof. Jonathan Luckhurst of the SIPS faculty at Soka University and Mr. Hirotsugu Terasaki from Soka Gakkai International presented these conference recommendations to Mr. Takashi Ariyoshi, Director of the Economic Policy Division and Deputy Secretary General of the G7 Hiroshima Summit Secretariat, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tokyo on April 5th. This document will be shared with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi, and Japan’s G7 Sherpa and Senior Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Keiichi Ono.