Graduate School of Economics, Law, Letters and International Peace Studies

The Graduate School of Economics:

The Graduate School of Economics promotes advanced research into complex, real-world issues in economics and business administration with the aim of developing highly specialized professionals with an advanced level of expertise. Many of our graduates are now actively involved in academic and policy-level research. The economics and business administration courses cover most areas of specialization. Through comprehensive instruction, we aim to develop individuals who can contribute to the peace and prosperity of society.
  • Economics
  • Economics course
  • Business Administration course

The Graduate School of Law:

The Graduate School of Law aims to enable students to develop a broad understanding of the law and politics, from both theoretical and practical perspectives. The school offers a comprehensive, well-rounded education that provides a firm foundation of the student’s professional life. There is a close relationship between students and faculty members, who share a spirit of academic pursuit in line with the university’s founding principles of striving to contribute to the welfare of society.
  • Law

The Graduate School of Letters:

The objective of the Graduate School of Letters is ultimately, in the spirit of the university’s founding ideals, to contribute to the welfare of humanity and the development of a culture of humanism through education and research in the humanities. Through the advanced study of English literature, sociology, education and humanities, the school aims to develop among its students deep insight into the human condition and the ability to understand and respond positively to social changes, from the perspective of a pursuit of universal values.
English Literature
  • Sociology
  • Education
  • Humanities
  • International Language Education

The Graduate School of International Peace Studies

The Graduate School of International Peace Studies aims at raising professionally trained specialists who possess knowledge and skills necessary to design and initiate concrete and realistic policies or programs in various fields. For the realization of its educational goal, the school offers programs on International Relations, which primarily studies conflicts among nation states, and those on Peace Studies, which deals with various types of conflicts among state and non-state actors.