Announcement of Application Results

How to Confirm your Application Result

  • Application result will be announced through our website by the university administration on the designated date.
  • The password to open the link will be notified by email to each applicant.
  • The application number of successful applicants will only be indicated in the result confirmation website.
  • Please be advised that Soka University cannot respond to any inquiries regarding selection details, criteria, and results, regardless of whether they are passed or failed.
  • For the successful applicants residing in Japan, the notification of acceptance and the admission procedure will be mailed to the designated address within 7 working days.
  • For the successful applicants residing abroad, no physical materials will be sent to applicants from the Graduate School Section. Notification of acceptance and admission procedure will be emailed to each applicant as PDF within 7 working days.

*Additional information:
Applicants who are accepted may be required to undergo final confirmation of personal identity prior to the date of the entrance ceremony of that academic year. At that time, if any improprieties are discovered, the university reserves the right to withhold admissions of the applicant.

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