For Teachers

CETL Services

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) supports, enhances, and promotes teaching and learning at Soka University.

Established in 2000, CETL has offered a variety of services to enhance quality education at the University. Our services include faculty workshops, lecture meetings for professional development, and study sessions where teachers could exchange useful information and learn from each other.

In response to increasingly various needs of students and for innovation in higher education, SPACe (Student Performance Acceleration Center) was established in 2013, with a special focus on supporting student learning. CETL, in close cooperation with SPACe as well as other units in SEED (School for Excellence in Educational Development), promotes activities that are designed to achieve the missions of Soka.

The following three Resources are for teachers who want to know various FD services and activities other Japanese and foreign Universities have practiced as well as theoretical and practical strategies for enhancing the quality of teaching.

Consultation Service

Since its opening in 2000, CETL has provided consultations for faculty members needig assistance with teaching improvement. We are also offering a new service of class observation by student volunteers(Peer Assessment Student Staff:PASS), who have received proper training to gather information that the consultor needs regarding his or her class.

Education Ministry’s Projects and Soka University

The Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, Sports and Technology(MEXT) supports a variety of efforts to reform universities in a competitive environment through national, public and private universities, with the objective of invigorating higher education and encouraging excellent education and research activities which utilize each university’s individuality and particular characteristics. Soka University has been selected for the Ministry’s projects many times since 2003. The below are the recent selections.

The FY2012 Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development

The FY2014 Acceleration Program for University Education Rebuilding (AP)