Business and Japanese People

The course will include lectures on features of Japanese economy, its business practices, and the views and opinions of Japanese business professionals with vast and diversified experience in developing global business. The course is arranged as a series of omnibus lectures by business professionals from wide array of business sectors and with extensive international careers. Topics covered include an overview of Japanese economic growth after WWII, the essence of Japanese management practices, the delicacy and difficulty in cross-cultural thinking from Japanese viewpoint, future relationship between Asia and Japan, views on globalization and multi-national companies, and on how to acquire global personality. Though not with rigorous theoretical approach to the subject matters, lecturers will present case studies experienced firsthand by themselves which will surely be of high interest to those students who wish to acquire introductory knowledge of Japanese business practices and their international perspectives. Students are required to do preliminary readings, participate actively in class lectures and discussions and write essays for each of 6 topic units.