TAKAMI Kazumasa(Professor)


Specialized field Computer system network
Communication/network engineering
Classes Introduction of Information Systems
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Case Study 2
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Seminar 2
Software engineering
Computer Networks 1
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Computer Network Laboratory
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Software Engineering
Special Lectures: Intellectual Property
Selected Topics on Information Processing System
Advanced Research of Information Processing System
Advanced Course of Information Systems
Advanced Study of Information Systems
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Research theme Information and Communication Network Services, Ubiquitous Networking, Software Engineering.

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Information Systems Science of Graduate school of engineering

  • Disciplinary Educational background and Doctorate
    1977 B.S. (in engineering), Shizuoka University
    1979 M.S. (in engineering), Shizuoka University
    1997 Ph.D (in engineering), Osaka University

    R&D Career History
    April 2009-March 2013: Professor/Dean, Department of Information Systems Science
    April 2004: Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Soka University
    April 2003–March 2004: Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT)
    •NTT Service Integration Laboratories.
    •Responsible for R&D of IP network OSS/BSS strategic investigation for RENA network, and responsible for R&D of next generation network architecture.
    July 2001 - March 2003: NTT Corp.
    •NTT Information Platform Laboratories.
    •Responsible for R&D of permissive IP-service technologies on personalized service platform and telecommunication service operation technologies in advanced IN (intelligent network).
    April 1997 - June 2001: NTT Corp.
    •NTT Network Services Laboratories.
    •Engaged in R&D on advanced IN and in systems engineering for the introduction planning and requirements definition of numerous services, acting as a strong bridge between the laboratories and the operating companies.
    February 1994 - March 1997: NTT Corp.
    •NTT Switching Systems Research Laboratories.
    •Engaged in R&D on SCE (Services Creation Environment) for Advanced IN, and, in addition, promoted the introduction of the PHS service, which was the first Advanced IN service in Japan.
    February 1991 - January 1994: ATR (Advanced Telecommunication Research Institute International).
    •ATR Communication Systems Research Laboratories.
    •Engaged in research on automatic generation of telecommunications software programs.
    February 1986 - January 1991: NTT Corp.
    •NTT Telecommunications Network Laboratories.
    •Engaged in R&D on ATM switching system
    October 1981 - January 1986: NTT Corp.
    •NTT Electrical Communication Laboratories.
    •Engaged in research activities for broadband packet switching system and in the development of the interconnection system between the telephone network and the packet network.
    April 1979 - September 1981: NTT Public Corp.
    •NTT Electrical Communication Laboratories.
    •Engaged in R&D on DDX-packet switching system.
    Major Field Information and Communication Network Services, Ubiquitous Networking, Software Engineering.
    Research Theme Information Network, Ubiquitous Services Technologies, End-User Oriented Software System, Personalized Services, MANET(Mobile Ad-hoc NETworks), DTN(Delay/disruption-Tolerant Networking), VANET(Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks).
    Publications Please refer to Laboratory's Web Site for details.
    Membership of Academic Societies •1977-present: Member of IEICE (The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers)
    •1986-present: Member of IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). Senior Member in 2004.
    •1993-present: Member of IPSJ (Information Processing Society of Japan)