YAMAMOTO Shuichi(Professor)


Specialized field Earth astrochemistry
Classes Exercise on Environmental Engineering for Symbiosis
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Thesis Study 1
Laboratory in Thesis Study 2
Advanced Research 2
Thesis Study 2
General Topics in Science and Engineering
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Introduction to Earth Science
Earth Science Laboratory
Environmental Sciences
Environmental Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
Society and environmental technology
Research theme Analysis of Plaeoenvironment

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Environmental Engineering for Symbiosis of Graduate school of engineering

  • Disciplinary Organic geochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Paleo-environmentology (Paleooceanography),Environmental Education, Environmental Ethics
    Education Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo
    Ph. D. in Science; January 1984
    M.S. in Science; March 1979
    Yokohama National University, Yokohama
    B.S. in Technology; March 1977
    Professional Profile Researcher of Japan Society for the promotion of science (1983 -- 1984)
    Lecturer of Toin Technical College (1985 -- 1987)
    Associate Professor of Soka University (1987 -- 1996)
    Visiting fellow of Tokyo Metropolitan University (1988 -- 1996)
    Professor of Soka University (1996 -- To date)
    Senior Researcher of Institution of Oriental Philosophy (1990 -- To date)
    Visiting fellow of Oregon State University (USA) (2003-2004)
    Field of Interest 1)Analysis of Paleoenvironment
    2)Development of convenient method of organic matter analysis
    3)Search for new biological marker
    4)Role of humic substances in the earth
    5)Chemotaxonomy of conifer
    Recent Publications Organic geochemistry
    Ishiwatari, R., Yamada, K., Matsumoto, K., Naraoka, H., Yamamoto, S. and Handa, N. (2000) Source of Organic Matter In Sinking Particles In the Japan Trench: molecular Composition and Carbon Isotopic Analyses, In "Dynamics and Characterization of Marine Organic Matter", eds., N. Handa, E. Tanoue and T. Hama, Kluwer, 141-168.
    Ishiwatari, R., Matsumoto, K., Seki, O. and Yamamoto, S. (2000) Variations in organic carbon isotopic composition in sediments at site 1017 during the last 25 k.y., Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Programm, Leg 167 Scientific Results, 167, 273-276.
    Yamamoto S., H. Yoshikawa and R. Ishiwatari (2000), A reconstruction of environmental information with using organic compound (lignin) derived from land plant (in Japanese), Gekkan-kaiyo (Marine), vol. 32, 623-627.
    Ujiie, H., Hatakeyama, Y., Gu, X.X., Yamamoto, S., Ishiwatari, R. and Maeda, L., (2001) Upward decrease of organic C/N ratios In the okinawa Trough cores: proxy for tracing the post-glacial retreat of the continental shore line, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 165, 129-140.
    Ishiwatari, R. and Yamamoto, S. (2003) Formation of young kerogen: Protein-based melanoidin hypothesis and heating experiments under mild conditions, in “Natural and Laboratory Simulated Thermal Geochmeical Processes”Ed. by Ikan, R., Kluwer Academic Publishers, Netherland, 217-238.
    Ikeya, K., Yamamoto, S. and Watanabe, A (2004) Semiquantitative GC/MS analysis of thermochemolysis products of soil humic acids with various degrees of humification., Organic Geochemistry, 35, 583-594.
    Fujitake, N. and Yamamoto, S. (2004) Analytical techniques and chemical propertiesforhumic substances (in Japanese), J. Japan Society on Water Environment, 27, 86-91.
    Yamamoto, S., Otto, A. and Simoneit, B.R.T. (2004) Lignans in Resin of Araucaria angustifolia by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spcetrometry, Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 39, 1337-1347.
    Yamamoto, S. and Ishiwatari, R. (2004) GC/MS analysis of organic matter in recent sediments by alkaline CuO oxidation method I: Lignin phenols (in Japanese)?Researches in Organic Geochemistry, 19, 47-57.
    Ishiwatari, R., Yamamoto, S. and Uemura, H. (2005) Lipid and lignin/cutin compounds in Lake Baikal Sediments over the last 37 kyrs: implications for glacial-interglacial paleoenvironmental change, Organic Geochemistry, 36, 327-347
    Environmental education and environmental ethics
    Yamamoto S. (1998), Contribution of Buddhism to Environmental Thoughts, The Journal of Oriental Studies, vol. 8, 144-173.
    Yamamoto S. (2001), Mahayana Buddhism and Environmental Ethics: From the Perspective of the Consciousness-only Doctrine, The Journal of Oriental Studies, 11, 167-180.
    Yamamoto S. (2002), Environmental Problems from a Buddhist Perspective, Annals of the European academy of sciences and arts, vol. 31, 79-85.
    Yamamoto S. (2002), Environmental problems and Buddhist ethics: from perspective of the consciousness-only doctrine. In “Psychology and Buddhism: From individual to global community”, Kluwer, New York
    Yamamoto S. (2002), Environmental ethics in Mahayana Buddhism: The Significance of Keeping Precepts (sila-paramita) and Wisdom (prajna-paramita), The Journal of Oriental Studies, 12, 137-155
    Professional Affilications Japan Humic Substances Society
    The Japanese Association of Organic Geochemistry
    The Geochemical Society of Japan
    The Japanese Society of Environmental Education
    The Japanese Society of Limnology
    The Oceanographic Society of Japan
    The Geochemical Society
    International Humic Substance Society
    European Association of Organic Geochemists
    Title of Professional Affiliations Secretary of Japan Organic Geochemical Society
    Councilor of Japan Humic Substances Society
    Associate editor of Humic Substances Research
    Associate editor of Researches in Organic Geochemistry