2021/03/11 10:00

FILA Students Lead Workshop on Gender

    Course name: Seminar II

    Instructor: Dr. Johanna O. Zulueta

    Date: 29 January 2021

    Third year FILA students under the seminar of Associate Professor Johanna Zulueta (Sociology, Migration Studies) led a workshop on gender last January 29. This was part of the “Rights? Who has them?” series of webinars to commemorate Human Rights Day on December 10. The workshop was conducted mainly in Japanese.

    The student-led workshop on gender was designed to inform students and other individuals of the importance of thinking about gender as well as gender-related issues. Over 50 people attended the workshop with some coming from universities and institutions outside Japan. The workshop also included a lively Q&A discussion where the students gave their insights on gender and human rights, based on the knowledge they gained in their classes as well as the research they did on the topic. It was a very engaging activity for all those involved, and a wonderful opportunity for the students to share their thoughts to a wider public.

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