About the Graduate School of Engineering

In April 1995, the Graduate School of Engineering started offering two majors at the master’s level: Information Systems Science, and Bioengineering. Then, April 1997, the school started offering the same majors at the doctorate level. Now, it is carrying out sophisticated research and education in both of these areas.

The 21st century has seen eco-friendly marketing practices become a necessity. Of increasing importance is the need for new education and research into the symbiosis between humans and the environment based on the relationships between the natural environment, cities, and people.

In response to this trend, we added the Environmental Engineering for Symbiosis major to our master’s and doctor’s programs in 2007. We offer a full lineup of courses that are designed to develop internationally active students and provide an internationally attractive postgraduate education.

In 2007, the Bioengineering major was renamed Bioinformatics.

Currently, the Graduate School of Engineering boasts 34 teachers and nearly 150 students who are actively conducting research in a range of related fields. We accept foreign students and researchers and cooperate with overseas research and educational institutions. We also proactively promote joint research with domestic and foreign private enterprises, accept company employees as graduate students, and permit working people to participate in our leading-edge research. The result is a postgraduate education system that is open to all members of society.

Graduate School of Engineering Information Systems Science Major

Master’s Program

[Mathematical Informatics System] [Information Processing System] [ Communication & Control System] [Environmental Information System] [Common]

Doctoral Program

[Mathematical Informatics System] [Information Processing System] [Communication & Control System]

Graduate School of Engineering Bioinformatics Major

Master’s Program

[Biological Polymer Engineering] [Genetic Engineering] [Bioinformatic Engineering] [Cell Functional Engineering] [Common]

Doctoral Program

[Biofunctional Engineering] [Biosignal Engineering]

Gradual School of Engineering Environmental Engineering for Symbiosis Major

Master’s Program

[Global Environmental Chemistry] [Biosphere Science] [Environmental Response Engineering] [Sustainable Environment Engineering] [Common]

Doctoral Program

[Environmental Chemistry System Engineering] [Environmental and Ecological System Engineering]