Research and Institution

Soka University has several attached research facilities: the Peace Research Institute (1976), the Institute for the Comparative Study of Cultures (1982), Institute of Life Science (1989), International Research Institution for Advanced Buddhology (1997), Research Institution of Education on Ultimate Facts in Law Schools in 2004 and Soka Education Research Institute in 2006 were established.

Moreover, in Peace Research Institution there are Asia Research Center and Africa Research Center, in Cultural Comparison Research Institution are Silk Road Research Center and Natural Environment Research Center, in Soka Education Research Institution, Daisaku Ikeda Research Center have been established.
We are planning to continue researching mainly with the 6 research institutes and 5 research centers in the future.

Research Information Database

The Research Information Database is used to share educational research materials and information of Soka University researchers. It also serves the purpose of further developing and strengthening Soka University's educational research activities.
Information concerning name, position and department is updated every April based on personnel data.

Related Research Institutions

  • Peace Research Institute
    • Research Center for Asian Studies
    • Research Center for African Studies
  • Institute of Life Science
  • International Research Institution for Advanced Buddhology
  • Institute for the Comparative Study of Cultures
    • Silk Road Research Center
    • Natural Environment Research Center
  • Research Institution Law of Important Facts Graduate Program
  • Soka Education Research Institute

Related Institutions and Centers

  • World Language Center
  • Library
  • Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
  • General Information Center
  • Career Center
  • Teacher Education Career Center
  • Organization for Undergraduate Education Majors
  • Educational Psychology Counseling Center
  • International Research and Development Center
  • State Examination Research Office
  • Administrative Education Center
  • Finance・Taxation Educational Center
  • Journalism Center
  • Correspondence Course Qualifying Examination Guidance Center
  • Student Counseling Office
  • Elementary・Junior・High School・Science and Mathematics Education Support Center
  • University FD Committee
  • Health Center