To those who want to study at Soka

For international students seeking to obtain a bachelor’s degree at Soka University, you may enroll in the undergraduate programs listed below by following the procedures that will be described later. As for those students who do not have sufficient Japanese language ability, the university provides a conditional admission system in which enrollment in the Japanese Language Program offered by the Japan Studies Center becomes a prerequisite. (note: as for the Faculty of International Liberal Arts, since all the coursework will be in English, there is no requirement for Japanese language ability)

  • Faculty of Economics - Department of Economics
  • Faculty of Business Administration - Department of Business Administration
  • Faculty of Law - Department of Law
  • Faculty of Arts and Literature - Department of Humanities
  • Faculty of Education - Department of Education / Department of Primary Education
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering - Department of Information System Engineering / Department of Science and Engineering for Sustainable Innovation
  • Faculty of International Liberal Arts

For students seeking to enroll in the Faculty of Nursing – Department of Nursing, please contact us separately rather than proceeding further in this section.

For international students and international graduate students seeking to obtain a master’s or doctorate degree at Soka University, you may enroll in the following graduate studies programs by following the procedures that will be described later.

  • Graduate School of Economics – Economics major
  • Graduate School of Law – Jurisprudence Major
  • Graduate School of Arts & Literature
  • English Literature Major
    • Sociology Major
    • Education Major
    • Humanities Major
    • International Language Education Major* (Japanese, English)

The International Language Education Major is only available under a master’s degree program (Japanese and English vocational training)

For international students enrolled in a foreign university that has signed an educational exchange agreement with Soka University that are seeking to take courses and earn credits at our school, may do so for a limited period of time (from six to 12 months) by applying from abroad by following the procedures that will be described later. This program is primarily designed for international students with the following objectives:

  • —Applicants who wish to acquire Japanese language skills
  • —Applicants who already have sufficient proficiency in Japanese and wish to take courses offered at Soka University
  • —Applicants who are native English speakers or have a high level of proficiency in English and wish to take courses offered in English at Soka University

This program is also suitable as a transitory step to study at Soka University’s Graduate Studies Program.


Listed below are the most frequently asked questions from international students who are deciding whether to apply to Soka University.