Diverse Career Development Programs
The Faculty of Law offers four distinct programs tailored to help each student achieve the objectives of their chosen career path. Students are fully assisted in each program through workshops on career development and given full support in acquiring various law qualifications. This supports students to pursue a variety of career opportunities.
A Variety of International Programs
Students can customize their own study abroad programs in accordance with their personal career path in the Peace and Human Rights (PHR) Program, where students take English-medium courses on peace, human rights and the environment. Among the available study abroad programs are a double degree program from Soka University and the University of Buckingham; long-term (one-year) study abroad programs at the University of Buckingham and the University of Hong Kong; and a short-term study abroad program.
Global Lawyers Program (GLP)
The Global Lawyers Program is a special program for students aspiring to become legal professionals (judges, prosecutors, attorneys, etc.), which will develop students’ ability to take up legal roles internationally. The extensive GLP seminars and tailored tutorials nurture students’ strength of character, global mindset, expertise and practical competencies.
Industry-University Cooperation Program with Nomura Securities
In collaboration with Nomura Securities, a problem-solving project has been initiated that involves workshops employing a case method approach. This program helps students gain the ability to discover social problems, resolve issues, engage in self-learning as well as to acquire interpersonal skills and develop their career capabilities. Additionally, students are provided with opportunities to meet and engage in discussions with graduates who work at international institutions. This program is also undertaken in collaboration with the Faculty of Business Administration.