Courses offered
Introductory Courses [Courses for First Year Students]
Introduction to Humanities
Global Japan Studies: Understanding Japanese Society
Introduction to Philosophy
Basic Courses [Courses for First or Second Year Students]
Human and Society: Japanese Culture and Society
Literature 1
Peace Studies 1
Cultural Representation 1
Comparative Culture 1: Cultural Diversity and Similarities
Comparative Culture 2: Globalisation and Nationalism
Interpersonal Communication
Philosophy 1 (Introduction to Contemporary Philosophy: Knowledge, Reality and Value)
History 1
Introduction to Linguistics
Sociology 1 (Intellectual Foundations of the Social Sciences)
Advanced Courses [Courses for Upper Year]
Sociology 2 (History of Sociology and Contemporary Issues)
Intercultural Communication
Global Communication
Philosophy 2 (Introduction to Eastern Philosophy: Nichiren and Contemporary Philosophical Issues)
Literature 2
History 2
Peace Studies 2
Cultural Representation 2
English in Society
English in Institutions
Translation Studies
Text Studies 1 &2
Special Lecture A & B
Peace Studies Workshop I & II
Human and Society 2: Diversity and Marginality in Japan

MAJORS: In addition to these courses, all students in the Faculty of Letters participate in seminar groups led by faculty staff, and submit Graduation Thesis in their final year.
・Research for Graduation Thesis
Courses that teach skills in Academic writing are also recommended.
・Academic Writing A I-II
・Academic Writing B I-II
・Oral Communication in English I-II
・Academic Foundations for Humanities
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