AKADEMIA stands for Art, Knowledge AnD English Major for the International Arena and is the English Medium Program (EMP) in the Faculty of Letters, Department of Humanities. The program provides an arena for studying in English in Japan and is open to both international and Japanese students. The Department of Humanities provides a wide range of courses taught both in English and in Japanese. Under the AKADEMIA program, students can graduate by taking courses solely taught in English, or by a combination of courses taught in English and in Japanese. The AKADEMIA students are required to have earned 124 credits by taking these courses. The program is designed to take an inter-disciplinary approach to social, literary and communication studies in the humanities that span areas of philosophy, sociology, anthropology, politics, history, linguistics, and literature. AKADEMIA offers courses in Japanese Studies, Social Anthropology, Qualitative Sociology, Comparative Cultures, Philosophy, History, Social Linguistics, Languages, Translation Studies, and Literary and Communication Studies. The social studies programs are in Social Anthropology/Qualitative Sociological with a focus on Japanese society in a global context, while the core literary and linguistics studies program specializes in Fantasy Literature, and Cross-Cultural Communication (see below). AKADEMIA students who have earned more than 24 credits from the AKADEMIA program with their final GPA above 2.70 will be given the AKADEMIA certificate at the time of their graduation.

Three English seminars are currently on offer
The Faculty offers 9 Majors (main academic fields) with some 40 seminars. Seminars are advanced courses that takes place in Year 3 and Year 4. While the student continues to take a variety of courses throughout their four years, they will also choose a seminar. This gives students the opportunity to work closely with one professor who specializes in a certain field and to work with a smaller group of fellow students. In the seminar, students will undertake their own research which will be the basis for their graduation thesis. Under the seminar system, the student participates in a weekly seminar group consisting typically of between 8-12 students who study together through Year 3 and Year 4. This facilitates the development of more specialized knowledge and the appropriate use of research methodologies. In the last year students focus on pursuing their chosen area of research and continue to develop the knowledge and skills to undertake research in their chosen field.

The current three seminars conducted in English are: A) Global Japan Studies (Sociology and Anthropology); B) Fantasy Literature and Culture (Literary Studies); C) Cross-Cultural Communication (English Communication). Other seminars are conducted in Japanese, so those AKADEMIA students taking these seminars must be proficient in Japanese.

Whichever Major the student chooses they are required to complete a majority of courses in social studies, literary and communication courses (see COURSES). Courses from within the Faculty of Letters can be combined with a range of courses from other Faculties across the university (see COURSES and SYLLABUS). Courses may vary somewhat in purpose and objective, some are disciplinarily focused, some are subject-based, some are skills-based, and some are language acquisition courses such as English, Japanese or other languages. A combination of these courses helps to strengthen the overall educational development. Courses can be taken at different times and according to the specific educational need of the student. For example, students who wish to strengthen their English Academic language skills may wish to take English language-related courses or specialized subject-based courses before taking social studies courses which can be more demanding. All students are required to take Academic Writing courses, where they learn the skills of how to write and present academically-informed arguments according to disciplinary requirements.

To apply for AKADEMIA, non-EMP students including Japanese students are required to have a TOEIC score of minimum 490 and/or have at least level 2 of the English Proficiency Test.

International students (who do not speak Japanese) will be required to take basic Japanese courses in their first year. The focus here is on learning basic and conversational Japanese. Students can choose to continue studying Japanese to an advanced level in subsequent years. Any courses taught in Japanese is also available to international students given they have proficient language ability. Other major language courses available in the Faculty of Letters are: Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Russian, French, German and some minor and ancient languages. While students are required to take their courses from the Faculty of Letters, they can choose elective courses from other Faculties in Economics, Politics, Business, International Relations, Education, Law, and Environmental studies among others.

The applications for AKADEMIA will officially begin in your second year. To apply, your GPA needs to be above 2.70.

*For further queries about the academic program please contact Dr. Anne Mette Fisker-Nielsen fanne@soka.ac.jp