• Soka University Students Participate in World Bank Youth Summit 2019


Soka University Students Participate in World Bank Youth Summit 2019

    Soka University students Ms. Chisato Takahashi (third year, Faculty of Economics, GCP member) and Mr. Eiichi Sugiyama (third year, Faculty of Law) attended World Bank Youth Summit 2019, which was held in Washington D.C. in the United States from December 2nd to 3rd.

    The Summit is an annual event hosted by the World Bank Group (WBG), providing a venue for youth from around the world to exchange views on the challenges currently faced globally. At this seventh Summit, approximately 300 youth from approximately 100 countries and regions participated. The theme for the Summit was “Smarter Cities for a Resilient Future.” Lectures by experts, group discussions among participants, and workshops were held on how people can realize sustainable cities that are comfortable to live in while tackling the challenges of urban population concentration, which is progressing at high speed all over the world. In addition, before the official start of the event, the Summit also held a business plan competition for solving issues. During the Summit, proposals for certain issues were made by five sets of candidates, selected at the competition, along with presentations on concrete action plans.

    Ms. Takahashi shared: "At the Summit, through the examples of new businesses in India that provide cheap and clean drinking water for people while reducing the level of PET bottle usage, all by using renewable energy, I learned the necessity to realize a city where 'no one is left behind' through active communication with local people and cooperation between public and private sectors. In addition, I felt that even when technology develops, the role that wisdom and creativity of human beings play is indispensable, and that the impact of youth's actions has is immeasurable. While cherishing dynamic ideas of young minds as well as the stance to thoroughly care for those who are in need, I will continue to grow so that I can help bring positive changes to society."

    Mr. Sugiyama shared: "The topic for the Summit pertained to Smart Cities, so I was able to learn about urban planning and garbage collection-related solutions using state-of-the-art technology such as 5G. I also had the opportunity to participate in a project pertaining to solutions to environmental issues in East Asia. I realized my lack of ability when having discussions with the participants from various nations and with various backgrounds, such as those from Hong Kong, Brazil, Indonesia, and China, but I was also able to feel that I was able to contribute to the discussions using my knowledge in the field of the environment, which I am strong at, and this proved to me that my studies at Soka University are bearing fruit. Participating in this Summit, I was able to experience global standards firsthand, and after recognizing my level of ability, I felt the need to grow more. I will exert myself further, including during my studies abroad, so that I can grow into someone that can play active roles around the world."