• Regarding the “10 factors to reduce contact with people by 80%”


Regarding the “10 factors to reduce contact with people by 80%”

    On Wednesday, April 22nd, the Novel Coronavirus Expert Meeting was held and introduced the “10 factors to reduce contact with people by 80%”.
    The messages from the government until now "not going out unless it is for necessary needs", "avoiding the 3 C’s (Closed Spaces, Crowded Places, and Close-Contact Settings) "," Social Distancing", and" wearing a mask and frequent hand washing” are still very important. We want everyone to please consider these points to reduce the thinking of “I am not infected” and “I won’t infect others” to help reduce the spread of the Novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

    1. Refrain from going home and use video calling
    2. When going grocery shopping, go alone and go when it is not busy
    3. When going for a run, go alone and pick a time and place when it is not busy
    4. Use online shopping for things that are not necessary
    5. Drink with friends through online sources
    6. For health checkups at the hospital, use the online checkup system
    7. Workout or do yoga at home through videos
    8. Refrain from going out to eat, instead get it to go or use delivery
    9. Work from home, unless you work in the essential worker's category
    10. When talking to people wear a mask

    In Tokyo, April 25th to May 6th is designated as "Stay at Home period" to protect you and others, and even more to refrain people from going out during the long holiday. Please refrain from going to other prefectures, such as going home or traveling.