• Online Language Learning Programs including English are Conducted


Online Language Learning Programs including English are Conducted

    Soka University’s World Language Center (WLC) provides programs for 10 or more languages including English to support the improvement of students’ language abilities and the understanding of different cultures. In addition to class operations, the WLC Self-Access Center, which is within SPACe and located on the 2nd floor of the GLOBAL SQUARE, conducts various online programs, shifting from in-person classes to online classes, for the Spring Semester.

    The programs carried out by the center support the students according to their needs, including the Chit Chat Club, where students can enjoy English conversations with international students or students who have studied abroad, the English Forum where students can hold discussions in English based on themes pertaining to social and international issues, as well as the Global Village where students can learn languages other than English such as Chinese and Spanish through conversations.

    The online programs began on May 18 and a maximum of approximately 35 students participate every day.
    International student staff who ran the Chit Chat Club shared, “I am making sure to create an atmosphere where participants can comfortably speak. There are challenges since this is not in-person, but I hope that this will provide an opportunity where many students can come to like English. Thanks to the Chit Chat shifting to online, I am able to learn various things regarding online education. I did not have any opportunity to think about the shift of education to Information Communication Technology before, but now, with this new online development, it has proven extremely helpful to me in learning in the undergraduate program. Cherishing this opportunity, I would like to do my best in the Chit Chat sessions.”

    A participating student shared the following comment:
    “I realized the joy of English by conversing with international students and I did not feel any resistance in speaking. Staff members were very kind, calling out to us so I enjoyed learning. I will continue to participate and would like to improve my English ability.” (A student who participated in the Chit Chat Club)
    “I learned German for the first time by participating in this session. There was a corner to read German newspaper articles and it took time for me to understand its meaning, but thanks to the support of the staff members, I was able to enjoy learning it. I plan to continue participating in various language programs.” (A student who participated in Global Village)