• Continuation of the University’s Current Activity Restriction Policy due to the Extension of a State of Emergency (until June 20th)


Continuation of the University’s Current Activity Restriction Policy due to the Extension of a State of Emergency (until June 20th)

    It has been announced that the declaration of a state of emergency currently issued to the Tokyo Metropolitan Area will be extended until June 20th.

    With the extension of the period, the university's current activity restriction policy will continue until June 20 as follows:
    -Level 2 (Small-scale Restriction) for Classes
    -Level 3 (Medium-scale Restriction) for other activity categories

    After the declaration is lifted, we plan to return to “Level 1.5 (Partial Restriction)” for categories such as classes, and increase the number of in-person classes. if the government or the Tokyo Metropolitan Government changes its measures according to the situation of infection, the implementation of Soka University's Activity Restriction Policy will also be changed as necessary. Please check the university’s website and the student portal site PLAS frequently.


    【Level of Activity Restriction Policy will continue until June 20】

    ● Classes: Level 2 (Small-scale Restriction)

    ● Other items: Level 3 (Medium-scale Restriction)

    * Details on the use of facilities, etc. will be posted on the Student Portal Site (PLAS) and the websites for each facility.

    【For Students, Faculty, and Staff】

    Currently, the number of new COVID-19 cases is decreasing in Tokyo, however, the risk of getting infected is still very high. Not only the British variant (N501Y) but also the Indian variant (L452R/E484Q), which is considered even more contagious than the British variant, has started to prevail, and there are concerns that the infection may spread further in the future.

    We ask for the students, faculty, and staff to take all possible actions to prevent infection. In particular, please strictly follow the measures below.

    ・Wear a mask
    ・ Wash hands (disinfect hands) frequently
    ・Maintain physical distance
    ・Measure temperature daily (*must be entered into the “Temperature Record System” on the University Portal Site)
    ・Refrain from talking while eating (*Refrain from eating with friends)
    ・Avoid the 3C’s (Closed spaces with poor ventilation, Crowded places with many people nearby, and Closed-contact settings such as close-range conversations)

    *It has been pointed out that the new variants of coronavirus are highly contagious and can be transmitted even under a situation that meets just one of the 3C’s.

    We would like to ask all students, faculty, and staff to take the utmost caution and all possible actions to prevent infection and transmission of the coronavirus disease. 

    Soka University has consultation desks that are open for students who are having difficulties in continuing their studies due to financial problems and for those who are experiencing mental and/or physical anxiety due to the impact of the coronavirus disease. If you are experiencing any difficulty, please do not hesitate to talk to us and contact us through the support desks listed below.

    Consultation Desks】

    Regarding Financial Support

    Student Affairs Office Financial Aid Section (Global Square 1st Floor)

    Contact Number: 042-691-2161

    Email: syougakukin@soka.ac.jp

    *For Graduate School students, please contact the Graduate School Administrative Office and for international students, please contact the International Affairs Office.


    Regarding Mental Health Support

    Student Consultation Room (Global Square 1st Floor)

    Contact Number: 042-691-8226 

    HP: https://www.soka.ac.jp/en/campuslife/support/counseling

    *Online consultations available.

    Health Consultation (Global Square B1 Floor inside Health Center)

    Contact Number: 042-691-9373

    HP: https://www.soka.ac.jp/en/campuslife/support/healthcenter

    *Online consultations available.


    (MEXT) Life support for students affected by the new corona 


    The scope of action for each activity during the state of emergency (until May 31st, 2021) is as follows.
    Category Level  Scope of Activities
    Classes 2 Classes are conducted online.
    For some experiments, practicum courses, seminars, and lecture subjects, in-person classes will be conducted with the utmost attention to prevent infection.
    Research Activities 3 In principle, business trips are prohibited.
    Participating in or holding a research meeting such as an academic conference is prohibited.
    Research activities are to be held from home.
    Only those who obtain permission from the university President, Faculty Dean, or Graduate School Dean for the purpose of continuing an ongoing experiment or study are allowed to enter the campus.
    Only a minimal number of persons related to the research can enter.
    In such cases, research personnel shall endeavor to reduce the time spent in the laboratory.
    Use of Facilities 3 In principle, facilities will not be available.
    However, the use of facilities that are class- or research-related is allowed.
    Entry on Campus for Students etc. 3 In principle, entry to campus is prohibited.
    Those who need to enter the campus for classes and research are allowed to enter.
    Should there be any extenuating circumstances other than classes or research, approval is needed in advance.
    Extra-curricular Activities 3 In principle, extra-curricular activities are prohibited.
    However, if approved by the Student Affairs Office or the Executive Director for University Administration due to special circumstances, activities may be held with the utmost attention to prevent infection.
    University Related Meetings 3

    In-person meetings should be minimal, holding meetings online as much as possible.

    Staff Work Schedule 3 While paying the utmost attention to prevent infection, working from home is recommended and staff will be working on campus alternatively in 2 groups.
    In principle, all consultations and communication are to be conducted via e-mail or telephone.

    For the full version of the Soka University Activity Restriction Policy, please click on the link below.
    For students, faculty, and staff please take the neccessary actions provided in the Soka University Guidelines for the Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreaks.