• Yoshinori Yasuda’s Seminar team Won the Primary Contest (student category) of the Yunus & Youth Social Business Design Contest 2021


Yoshinori Yasuda’s Seminar team Won the Primary Contest (student category) of the Yunus & Youth Social Business Design Contest 2021

    At the YY Contest 2021 Student Division Finals held this year, Yasuda Seminar's team Wadachi of the Faculty of Business Administration won!

    The YY Contest is a contest advocated by Grameen Bank founder and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dr. Muhammad Yunus, sponsored by The Yunus & Shiigi Social Business Research Center of Kyushu University and Yunus Japan "Yunus & You Social Business Design Contest 2021". The Student Division Finals were held online on Saturday, October 9th, 2021.

    The tournament consisted of two divisions: the general division, and the student division. Out of the 75 teams that applied, 10 teams participated in the finals of the student division after two document screenings.
    From the Faculty of Business Administration’s Yasuda Seminar, two teams participated in the student finals; Team Wadachi and Team Ray. Team Wadachi as the winner.
    In addition, both teams will compete in the Grand Champion Tournament, where six teams from the general and student divisions will participate!

    Team Wadachi considered people who use wigs due to illness and whom were struggling due to the unnatural appearance of their wigs. Team Wadachi devised a business model of an online wig cutting and styling service that eliminates the unnaturalness of the wigs.
    The judges gave a high rating and commented, "Focusing on considering the feelings of people who use wigs due to illness is a wonderful approach. By considerately interviewing the wig users, hairdressers, manufacturers, etc. you devised a realistic business model. The ability to expand the business is great. I want you to achieve this as soon as possible."

    Team Ray considered that 15% of the total vegetable yield goes to waste due to blemishes and irregular shapes so they devised a business model to sell the blemished and irregularly shaped vegetables to local consumers via unmanned sales outlets and restaurants.
    The judges commented, "That is a good idea. In order to utilize vegetables that would go to waste even if they are blemished and irregularly shaped, I feel motivated by conducting interviews with farmers, consumers, restaurants, etc., to devise business models, and verify various prototypes. It’s wonderful."

    The Grand Champion tournament was held on November 7th.