• Regarding Changes to the Activity Restriction Policy


Regarding Changes to the Activity Restriction Policy

    As recently reported in the news, the number of new coronavirus cases continues to decline.
    In order to prevent the spread of infection again, the government has requested that transitional measures lasting about one month be set up and for residents to refrain from going out unnecessarily. However, the number of new coronavirus cases, the number of those recovering, and the intensity of pressure on the medical system have continued to decline, so economic activities in each region have resumed.
    On the university's website from Oct 1st. We announced that we would set the implementation policy for the fall semester as 60% of all classes as in-person classes, and that we would monitor this situation for about one month.
    In principle, based on the current infection rate status, and the continuation of measures to prevent infection on campus, the university's activity restriction policy will change to "partial restriction (level 1)" from November 12.

    【Change all items to "Level 1 (Partial Restriction)
    * For details of facility usage times, etc. related to the easing of the activity restriction policy, please refer to each facility’s website.
    In particular, the current in-person class implementation rate will increase from about 60% to 80%. In addition, online classes will also be held as necessary. The government advises a gradual easing of restrictions and warns of a potential sixth wave of coronavirus infections, so the University may review the ratio of in-person classes and change the level of the activity restriction policy depending on the coronavirus infection rate situation. We will continue to provide updated information on the University website and the portal site (PLAS). Please check them regularly for the latest information. Students will generally take classes in-person, but for those with an underlying illness, international students who are unable to enter the country, or those with other reasons, they may apply for permission to take classes online. In addition, students who are absent from face-to-face classes due to poor physical condition such as fever will also be able to apply for an excused absence on the day of vaccination or due to side effects. For further details, please contact the Academic Affairs Office.

    Currently, as the rate of fully vaccinated people increases, the number of infected is decreasing significantly. However, the government has expressed a sense of crisis regarding the sixth wave; a resurgence of coronavirus infected caused by environmental changes that are susceptible to infection such as an increase in the number of people going out. There is concern that awareness and actions toward infection prevention will be relaxed as social and economic conditions ease.

    We would like to ask all students, faculty, and staff to continue to take the following preventive measures to prevent infection.
    • Avoid activities that involve eating and drinking in large groups
    • Avoid high-risk behaviors such as staying over at a friend's house
    • Avoid crowded places and maintain distance from others
    • Wear a mask
    • Encourage hand disinfection
    • Record temperature measurement (temperature measurement recording system on the portal site)
    • Get vaccinated. Vaccination is recommended as it is said to have an effect on preventing infection

    The University will continue striving to prevent the spread of infection and will continue to take measures to ensure that students can attend school with peace of mind. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

    Soka University Activity Restriction Policy (From October 2st.)

    Category Level Scope of Activities
    Classes 1 In-person classes, seminars, and practicums are to be conducted while paying attention to prevent infection.
    Research Activities 1 Research activities are to be conducted normally while paying attention to prevent infection.
    Use of Facilities 1 The use of facilities is allowed for university- related individuals with a limitation on the number of persons admitted in facilities. In principle, renting out facilities to non-university related personnel is prohibited.
    Entry on Campus for Students etc. 1 Entry to campus is allowed by taking measures to avoid the "Three Cs (Closed spaces with poor ventilation, Crowded places with many people nearby, and Close-contact settings such as close-range conversations)" and paying attention to prevent infection.
    Extracurricular Activities 1 Activities are allowed while paying attention to prevent infection.
    University Related Meetings 1 In-person meetings are to be conducted while paying attention to prevent infection.
    Staff Work Schedule 1 Regular work is conducted including counter services, while paying attention to prevent infection.
    For the full version of the Soka University Activity Restriction Policy, please click on the link below.
    For students, faculty, and staff please take the neccessary actions provided in the Soka University Guidelines for the Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreaks.