• The 2021 Fall Semester Honor Student Certificate Award Ceremony was Held


The 2021 Fall Semester Honor Student Certificate Award Ceremony was Held

    On Tuesday, November 9th, the 2021 Fall Semester Honor Student Certificate Award Ceremony was held in S201 and S202 classrooms, and online. In addition to the 97 student recipients (12 of whom were international students), Chairperson of the Board of Trustees Yasunori Tashiro, President Yoshihisa Baba, Student Affairs Director Masayuki Okutomi, and the deans of each faculty participated.

    The University's honor student program aims to encourage those with excellent grades after entering the university, and scholarships are provided to the top semester GPA students selected from among students who have earned 16 credits or more in each semester.

    To begin the ceremony, President Baba awarded the representative student their certificate, and said, "I think that there were difficult situations while learning during the COVID-19 pandemic and things did not go as expected, but you have achieved excellent results. Soka University celebrated its 50th anniversary this year and there are many alumni now succeeding in all fields in Japan and the world. I hope that all of you have the determination to continue to do your best in your studies and extracurricular activities to lead a fulfilling student life while at Soka University."

    Next, President Tashiro addressed the receipients by saying, " congratulations on receiving the Honor Student certificate for the Autumn Semester. This was achieved through your amazing efforts. The founder once called on students to be “creative individuals.” I think that all of you will succeed in various fields after graduating, but for that reason, please continue to develop your intelligence and creativity as a student and grow into a person who can contribute to people and society. Lastly, I offer my sincere wishes for your continued health and success in all your endeavors."

    Voices of the Participants
    ・As a result of setting targets and goals for each lecture and studying very hard, I was able to become an honor student for the first time. With gratitude for my family who supported me, I would like to continue to challenge myself and acquire the ability to work with society. (Faculty of Business Administration)
    ・With the desire to give back to my parents, I set the goal of becoming an honor student, and have been working very hard on each lecture and report assignment. I am happy that I was selected as an honor student this time and was able to give back to my parents even a little. I will continue to study hard so that I can achieve great results in the future. (Faculty of Letters)