• Changes to the University's Activity Restriction Policy


Changes to the University's Activity Restriction Policy

    As reported in the media, the number of new infections has increased dramatically nationwide, due to the rapid spread of the Omicron variant from the beginning of this year.
    From January 21st, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has implemented intensive measures focused on specific areas to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Currently, more than 30 prefectures have implemented these measures.
    Also, since the start of classes in January, the number of infected cases reported by the faculty, staff, and students has been increasing.
    In order to prevent the spread of infection at the university, the university's activity restriction policy will be changed to "Level 1.5 (Partial Restriction)" from January 27th. 

    【All items changed to "Level 1.5 (Partial Restriction)”】
    *Please refer to the website of each facility for details on facility usage hours and other information related to the easing of the activity restriction policy.
    As already announced on the university website, the policy of "in principle, in-person classes" for the upcoming academic year remains unchanged. However, depending on the future infection situation, there is a possibility that the activity restriction policy level will be changed or the course implementation policy will be reviewed.
    We will continue to provide updated information on the university website and the portal site (PLAS). Please check them regularly for the latest information. There have been many reports of breakthrough infections that occur even after two vaccinations have been completed. As a result, the government is accelerating preparations for a third round of vaccination. According to the behavioral history of infected people, the number of infections caused by dinner parties is increasing, so faculty, staff, and students should take the following countermeasures to prevent infection.

    We would like to ask all students, faculty, and staff to continue to take the following preventive measures to prevent infection.
    • Avoid activities that involve eating and drinking in large groups.
    • Avoid high-risk behavior such as staying over at a friend's house
    • Continue social distancing
    • Wear a mask
    • Encouraging hand disinfection
    • Measure temperature daily (*must be entered into the “Temperature Record System” on the University Portal Site)
    • Vaccination is recommended as it is believed to be effective in preventing infection

    As a university, we will continue to ensure students, faculty and staff can enjoy a fulfilling and safe campus life. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

    Soka University Activity Restriction Policy (From Jan. 27th)

    Category Level Scope of Activities
    Classes 1.5 Classes will be conducted both online and in-person while paying the utmost attention to prevent infection.
    Research Activities 1.5 On-campus research activities are to be conducted while paying the utmost attention to prevent infection. Participating in a conference and other meetings outside campus may be permitted only when the University President, Dean of Faculty, or Dean of Graduate School approves.
    Use of Facilities 1.5 The use of facilities is allowed on the premise that measures to avoid the “3 Cs (Closed spaces with poor ventilation, Crowded places with many people nearby, and Close-contact settings such as close-range conversations)” are taken with limitations on the number of people using the facilities. In principle, renting out facilities to non-university-related personnel is prohibited.
    Entry on Campus for Students etc. 1.5 Those who necessarily need to enter the campus for classes, research, or any other purpose are allowed to enter the campus on the condition that measures to avoid the “3 Cs (Closed spaces with poor ventilation, Crowded places with many people nearby, and Close contact settings such as close-range conversation)," are taken.
    Extracurricular Activities 1.5 Club or group activities are allowed with the utmost caution to prevent the infection only after approval from the Student Affairs Office or Executive Director for University Administration.
    University Related Meetings 1.5 Conducting meetings online is recommended. In-person meetings may be conducted while paying the utmost caution to prevent the infection.
    Staff Work Schedule 1.5 Communications via email and phone are encouraged, while counter services may be provided with the utmost caution to prevent the infection.
    For the full version of the Soka University Activity Restriction Policy, please click on the link below.
    For students, faculty, and staff please take the neccessary actions provided in the Soka University Guidelines for the Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreaks.