• Summer Overseas Short-Term Programs Joint Ceremony held for All 8 short-term programs


Summer Overseas Short-Term Programs Joint Ceremony held for All 8 short-term programs

    On Friday, July 8th, a joint convocation ceremony was held in Discovery Hall for overseas short-term programs to be held during summer vacation.

    The summer overseas short-term program consists of eight training courses: three overseas volunteer training courses (39 students from two countries/regions), including language training organized by the university, and five training courses (110 students going to four countries/regions) organized by the various faculties. Each training course will be held from late July to early September and lasts approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

    At the convocation ceremony, Masaru Osanai, Director of the International Affairs Department, introduced the participants and chaperones of all the training courses.
    Next, Eiichi Kawase (1st year, Faculty of Business Administration), who will participate in the Georgia State University short-term program in the United States, said, "I would like to experience living with English as much as possible and learn about human rights in the United States of America, especially related to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  I would like to use the program as a step towards studying abroad for a longer period of time and to realize my dream of working overseas." 
    Shin Higuchi (3rd year, Faculty of Letters), who will participate in the training at Griffith University in Australia, said, "I am truly happy to be able to participate in this short-term program, which I have been looking forward to since before entering the university. I would like to make the most of this opportunity by actively interacting with local students while learning from each other."

    Following Vice President Ryohei Tanaka’s address, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Yasunori Tashiro touched on his own study abroad experience by saying, "I believe seeing and experiencing the world with your own eyes will be a turning point in your life.

    Voices from the Participants
    ・Through exchanges with local students and local people, I would like to use this as an opportunity to learn about different cultures. 
    2nd-year, Faculty of Letters
    ・The trigger for entering Soka University was an encounter with a senior who had experienced studying abroad that I met at open campus. I would like to make the overseas short-term a fruitful opportunity and link it to my next goal of studying abroad as an exchange student. 
    1st year, Faculty of Business Administration