• Five Soka University students participated in the Japan English Model United Nations (JEMUN)


Five Soka University students participated in the Japan English Model United Nations (JEMUN)

    Five Soka University students participated in the Japan English Model United Nations (JEMUN), which was held from July 16 to 18 at Kindai University’s East Osaka Campus. In attendance were: Ms. Miyuki Sato (representing Thailand), Ms. Kaneko Azuma (Faculty of Law・3rd-year, representing the Czech Republic), Ms. Mirai Koike (Faculty of Law・3rd-year, representing South Africa), Ms. Yuuka Kazama (Faculty of Law・3rd-year, representing Indonesia), and Mr. Nikita Dudin (Faculty of Economics・2nd-year, representing India).


    In JEMUN, each student represents a country and discusses international issues. The aim is to foster globally minded and capable individuals that can deeply understand various issues in international society. The event this time was held over the course of three days and over 250 students participated. The JEMUN 2022 conference theme was Better Business for a Better World. The focus was on addressing the environmental and social issues related to Fast Fashion.


    Comments from participating Soka University students are as follows:
    JEMUN gave me a good opportunity to practice my English and to discuss modern problems which open my mind by talking with people who came from other universities and were much more educated about the topic. (Nikita Dudin)


    I was very happy to make friends from different universities and different ethnic groups. These three days were very hard, but I was able to overcome them because of my friends. (Mirai Koike)


    I would first say that I cannot appreciate enough to have this wonderful opportunity to participate in a JEMUN conference. What I learned is that international cooperation is way more complicated and difficult than you expected it would be and also the importance of persistent dialogue…. I truly felt that the United Nations is a literal place where we should embrace all differences to perceive the interconnectedness of all lives. I believe that I was able to gain such precious learning and experience with all delegates from all over the world. I will strive harder to be a true world citizen with wisdom, courage, and compassion to contribute to world peace. (Kaneko Azuma)

    There was a lot of learning! I appreciate this opportunity and I decided to keep having attention to the actions of the international society that is led by the UN. (Yuuka Kazama)


    As a JEMUN advisor, I was impressed by the students’ effort to engage in this event. Discussing political issues in their L2 was impressive. Like the actual UN, students have to listen, discuss, and work through the issues to produce an agreeable resolution. I am glad to see the students take the challenge to participate in Model United Nations. I would like to congratulate Kaneko Azuma on receiving an award for outstanding leadership. To all the participants, thank you for participating, and a job well done. I look forward to next year’s event. (Associate Professor Paul Horness)