• Mental Health Seminar was held


Mental Health Seminar was held

    A mental health seminar for students was held on Monday, March 20, with approximately 200 students in attendance. Counselor Kaneko from the University's Student Counseling Office served as the lecturer, and the theme of the seminar was "Mental Health Care for Leaders. The seminar included a lecture on the roles and functions of leaders and an overview of the types of stress that can occur in a leader's position and situation. The seminar then focused on "resilience" as a keyword to determine what kind of measures and actions are necessary to maintain a positive mental health status.

    Counselor Kaneko, who was in charge of the program, said, "It is important for leaders themselves to also take care of themselves and take the initiative to ask for help in order to stay healthy both mentally and physically."

    The following comments were received from participants
    • I learned again the importance of taking a rest. I will review the current club activity policy with everyone and try to keep myself and the members healthy both mentally and physically.
    • With meetings for various activities overlapping, it has been a challenge to maintain physical and mental health and to make the activities fruitful, so I am glad to have learned the concept of how to solve this problem.