Dean's Message

Dean of Faculty of Nursing Akihiko Nakaizumi
Dean of Faculty of Nursing
Akihiko Nakaizumi
Fostering nurses who will draw the life forces of each patient

There are many times that I, a doctor, a nurse told me about the patient's true feelings. It is very important for nurses, who are nearest to the patient to understand and to acquire the form of nursing that works on natural healing and life force provided for human life. Nightingale says that it is "nursing" that "minimizes exhaustion of vitality". However, in recent years, many doctors and medical staff have notified the patient 's feelings under the name of informed consent · self - determination right and can understand the medical condition and the risks associated with prediction, treatment. 

It is a fact that patients may suffer from anxiety, fear, and hopeless feeling, which may adversely affect the process of natural healing. Hope is the driving force to challenge 'sickness'. Communication between medical personnel and patients should try to give patients hope. It is because there is this hope that the patient can overcome suffering and endure anxiety and suffering.

I am convinced that the presence of encouraging and nursing nurse who brings out the power to live will save the pain of patients and their families in the medical field and the patient will realize the medical care of the leading role. In order to be a good medical person, it is the foundation that the medical doctor must first have a vision and a goal that fulfills life. Together at Soka University nursing department, let's learn!

Understanding the patient's feelings and aiming to become a nurse full of hope. I am waiting for your enrollment that is enthusiastic and has a strong inquiry.