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South Asia Research Center (SARC)

●About SARC
The South Asia Research Center at Soka University aims to study the history, culture, and society of South Asian countries namely India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and the Maldives to develop a global perspective. The Center promotes collaborative research amongst Japanese and international scholars, faculty members and students across disciplines keeping peace, human dignity and value creation as its core values. It also encourages short and long-term study abroad programs for Japanese students to St. Stephen’s College Delhi and South Asian students to Soka University Japan.

Main Functions of SARC
1. Promote research and study in the South Asian Region
2. Conduct research in 4 broad areas: Peace, Human Rights, Environment, Development (related to Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations)
3. Engage in South Asian networking activities together with Japanese academic, research and other similar institutions
4. Promote exchange program with St. Stephen’s College and other Indian institutions of higher learning
5. Organize independent or joint seminars, symposia or conferences
6. Organize short and long term programs with Japanese and South Asian universities on themes mentioned above
7. Recruit Indian students to study at Soka University
8. Connect the SAC with other academic, educational and cultural institutions.

Ryohei Tanaka
Executive Vice President of Soka University
Director (July 2019~ )
Professor, Faculty of Letters

Mukesh Williams
Vice Director (July 2019~ )
Professor, Faculty of Letters