Concept of SPACe

"SPACe" contains many meanings such as, an open area, the universe and potential. 
These include the concept of having an open space which is full of possilbilities. 
It is the space where students freely discover their potential and plan their future. 
The joy of having stimulating dialogues by exchanging opinions.
SPACe will provide such environment and atmosphere for learning. 
Come experience the excitement of expanding your possibilities.

"SPACe", a place that supports
students of Soka University
from every angle

SPACe is a place where all students, faculty, and staff support each other by sharing their ideas and experiences. It is also an area where everyone can use innovatively and creatively with their friends. Ideas are born through encounters of new information. The idea becomes profound by conversations between friends and from books. It is then shared to various people. 
SPACe will not only influence positively to "Making the creative idea to a reality" but also create opportunities and places for studnets to feel more comfortable with learning. The aim is to have students bring out their potentials by guiding them to active learning.

Let's make full use of SPACe!

Our support system covers any kind of support needed from various angles such as staff, facilities, contents, and many more. Student, faculty and staff, everyone at SPACe are your partners. Do not hesitate to ask any questions because this may lead you to experiencing a whole new world.
SPACe is well equipped with items you need to to make presentations. We have internet access systems, books, and media related equipments. This is a place where everone's curiosity and enthusiasm are supported from every angle.