• New Year’s Greetings from President Baba


New Year’s Greetings from President Baba

    I wish you all a happy, healthy new year.

    Operating under the founding principles to be the highest seat of learning for humanistic education as well as the cradle of a new culture and citadel for the peace of humanity, Soka University aims to foster students as creative, contributive global citizens who will lead the way in building peaceful, sustainable societies throughout the world.

    Ever since the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology selected our institution for the Top Global University Project initiative (part of a series of strate-gic programs to enhance the global competitiveness of Japanese higher learning) in 2014, we have worked to achieve the objectives established at the time. An interim assessment is scheduled to take place this year and we are on track to meet a majority of our goals. We will further strive towards achieving our numerical targets, with faculty, administra-tion and the student body working closely to do so.

    In 2010, our school launched the Grand Design Initiative (GDI) to establish the finest university environment toward the 50th anniversary of the university’s founding in 2021.
    And this year, we enter the GDI’s third phase of development.

    In addition to making further improvements upon the programs built in the first and sec-ond phases, in this third phase we plan to establish a research and development center to better support the R&D activities of the faculty. Although still in its visionary phase, plans are also underway to launch a Master’s program in International Peace Studies to train individuals who can address global conflict resolution at highly specialized levels.

    Based on the founding principles envisioned by school founder Daisaku Ikeda and in an effort to meet the challenges of the times, the faculty and administration will be working as one in bringing to full flower the potential of each individual student.

    Toward that end, I look forward to and fully appreciate your continued support and coun-sel.

    January 2017

    Yoshihisa Baba
    Soka University