We will establish an education system that fosters “global citizens” who will support the changing society.

1Promotion of global citizenship education

During the execution of the Grand Design 2030 we will consider the vision for global citizenship education and value creation education at Soka University, and at the time of the curriculum revision planned for around 2025, we will enhance the common “global citizenship education courses” and “university courses” and review the arrangement of courses. In addition, we will organize relevant courses from the perspective of global citizenship education and create a “curriculum map” to serve as a guide for students when selecting courses. Furthermore, when certain units are acquired from SDG-designated courses, these will be approved as minor courses.

  • ①Enhancement of Global Citizenship Education Courses
  • ②Enhancement of Classes on Value Creation Education
  • ③Creation of a Curriculum Map for Global Citizenship Education
  • ④Introduction of a Minor System to Systematically Learn about the SDGs

2Visualization of the results of global citizenship education

We will organize all education at our university under the “Value Creation Education Program.” Through this program, we will create a system that tests the learning outcomes of that education by establishing an assessment policy, developing assessment tools, etc. Additionally, we will work to foster capable individuals of value to society.

  • ①Organizing the “Value Creation Education Program” within both curricular and extra-curricular activities
  • ②Fostering value creation education assessment experts

3Formation of a network for global citizenship education

While sharing examples from our university related to global citizenship education, we will advance the creation of a network that links institutions carrying out global citizenship education. In addition, we will hold a symposiums related to global citizenship education and value creation education every four years in an attempt to create an international research network.

  • ①Sharing practical examples related to global citizenship education from our university to form a network linking institutions carrying out global citizenship education
  • ②Organize “Global Citizenship Education Symposiums”

4New education program looking toward 2030

In order to foster talent that meets the new occupational needs of Society 5.0, we will organize data science education at our university and ensure that it can be studied in stages, by making the common course of “Introduction to Data Science” mandatory for all students, by expanding the “Data Science” minor, and by considering the establishment of a “double major system” or “data science curriculum through coordination between departments,” etc.

  • ①Make data science courses mandatory for all students
  • ②Expand the “Data Science” minor
  • ③Consider a “double major system,” related to data science