Along with expanding specialized research, we will create new value for society through interdisciplinary research.

1Promotion of focused research

By utilizing internal and external human networks to create prioritized research themes that are distinctive and interdisciplinary, we will work to offer new values and improve our international standing. In addition, we will prepare an environment in which faculty engaged in creative research themes can commit themselves to research activities with the aim of increasing research achievements that can receive high acclaim internationally. Furthermore, we will bring out students’ maximum capabilities and support them so that they can play a role in these research achievements as authors of research papers.

  • ①Create distinctive and focused research themes that will enhance international acclaim for the university
  • ②Support the increase of highly-valued international academic research papers
  • ③Promote research on recycling-oriented societies (integration of humanities and science) in developing countries — PLANE3T Project

2Expansion of international joint research

We will multifacetedly develop the international joint research that we have been promoting, and work to improve our international standing. In particular, we will expand our network of academic researchers who affirm our university’s founding principles including global citizenship education, and we will work to support research by stimulating research exchange among faculty, etc. In addition, we will establish a research center for all world regions at the university.

  • ①Establish the Soka University Fellow (tentative name) program
  • ②Support international joint research through welcoming guest lecturers
  • ③Establish research centers for each world region

3Reorganization of graduate school research departments, majors, etc.

We will establish a committee to conduct inquiries, etc. in order to cultivate researchers in fields such as global citizenship education, and to organize a framework for newly establishing and restructuring research courses and majors in the Graduate School of Letters.

  • ①Establish a committee to reorganize the Faculty of Letters
  • ②Set up a committee to establish a curriculum aimed at fostering researchers of Soka education

4Expansion of projects at the Daisaku Ikeda Soka Education Research Institute

In honor of the 50th Anniversary Commemorative Project, we have renamed the Soka Education Research Institute the “Daisaku Ikeda Soka Education Research Institute.” In order to become a hub for global citizenship education, we will strive to share education and research results by creating a network of researchers for international joint research, which will include issuing publications and holding symposiums related to Soka education.

  • ①Promote international joint research related to global citizenship education
  • ②Issue publications related to Soka education
  • ③Publish “An Anthology of the Founder’s Speeches”