Along with achieving the SDGs, we will work to achieve a global society in which “no one will be left behind.”

1Promotion of the SDGs

We will advance initiatives aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) issued by the United Nations. With the “SDGs Promotion Center” established in 2019 at the core, we will organize various SDGs-related projects by field, publicize them internally and externally, and provide support for the initiatives with a high contribution and those that show a promising future. In addition, we will foster a wide range of talent that will contribute to achieving the SDGs, as well as create an internal and external network. Furthermore, we will support the creation and implementation of interdisciplinary research centered on the SDGs.

  • ①Promote university-wide SDGs related projects
  • ②Foster talent that will contribute to achieving the SDGs and create a network of such talent
  • ③Create and support the implementation of interdisciplinary research that will contribute to achieving the SDGs

2Partnership with the UN and various institutions

Previously, we have collaborated with various United Nations institutions to support refugees in attending school, hold lectures and symposiums, etc. Furthermore, in addition to joining the “United Nations Academic Impact,” which promotes collaboration among universities and other institutions of higher education around the world, and promoting SDGs activities both inside and outside the university, we have expanded support activities for elementary and junior high schools aiming to become UNESCO Associated Schools. As we work to achieve the SDGs, in addition to strengthening our collaboration with various United Nations institutions, we will strive to achieve a global society in which “no one will be left behind” through exchange with various institutions such as ASAIHL (Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning).

  • ①Support the acceptance of refugees into the UNHCR Refugee Higher Education Program (RHEP), etc. and expand support for refugees
  • ②Strengthen collaboration with UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), etc.
  • ③Promote SDGs through activities with the United Nations Academic Impact initiative, etc.
  • ④Develop an instructor training program that will contribute to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), and support UNESCO Associated Schools

3Partnership with regional areas and societies worldwide

In addition to returning learning to society by solving problems in the local community, we will expand the “Service Learning Program,” an education method in which students utilize knowledge gained through society in their own learning activities and we will consider establishing a “Service Learning Center” (tentative name). Furthermore, we will strengthen the functions of the “Center for Community-Industry-Academia Collaboration” established to promote coordination and cooperation among the government, industry, educational institutions, and more. We will fulfill our role as a platform to link universities with the government, regional areas, etc.

  • ①Establish a Service Learning Program
  • ②Establish a Service Learning Center (tentative name)
  • ③Strengthen the Center for Community- Industry-Academia Collaboration system