We will aim to realize a campus where diverse values can come together.

1Promotion of globalization

We will utilize our exchange network of over 220 universities in more than 60 countries worldwide to form a network for each continent and linguistic area, promote initiatives toward globalization, and strive to improve international recognition and global ranking among institutions of higher education. Meanwhile, there has been a sharp increase in foreign workers and residents in Japan as well as an increase in students abroad aiming to acquire the Japanese language. Against this backdrop, due to the increased need for Japanese language instructors, we will establish the “International Japanese Language Education Center” (tentative name) as a hub for Japanese language education in an effort to foster Japanese language instructors.

  • ①Form a strategic world network of global citizenship education strategic global network
  • ②Expand the Japanese language instructor training curriculum

2Continuation and development of the Top Global University Project

Even after the “Top Global University Project” has ended, we will continue various initiatives and steadily move forward with the creation of a diverse education environment. We will promote global mobility by welcoming more international students and enhancing support; we will promote global learning by establishing internationally accepted educational programs and increasing the number of international faculty members; we will promote global administration by globalizing university management that supports education and research; and we will promote a global core by forming a strategic global network on each continent. We will establish numerical targets for each of these and promote them all under the leadership of the Global Core Center.

  • ①Global mobility
     ― Create a global campus where diverse values can come together
  • ②Global learning
     ― Establish an internationally-recognized enhanced education program
  • ③Global administration
     ― Improve and expand administrative structure
  • ④Global core
     ― Form a strategic global network for each continent

3Initiatives for gender equality

The Grand Design announced in 2010 aims to achieve a 30% female faculty by 2021. The concept of the “Top Global University Project” also adheres to this objective, promoting a university-wide increase in the ratio of female faculty and administrative staff. We have set goals for 2030 and continue to work to achieve gender equality.

  • ①Increase the ratio of female faculty to at least 20% in each faculty
  • ②Increase and maintain the ratio of female administrative staff above 40%
  • ③Set and achieve a target percentage of female management

4Promotion of the acceptance of working professionals returning to study, etc.

In order to meet society’s need for recurrent education, an education system in which education and work are conducted alternately over one’s lifetime, we will implement an education program that offers learning opportunities for working professionals, etc. In addition, in the correspondence education curriculum, we will utilize media classes (real time) to overcome geographical conditions and realize learning beyond generations.

  • ①Establish a Soka University recurrent education program
  • ②Realize learning beyond generations by expanding real-time classes utilizing ICT