Graduate Schools for Arts & Literature Courses /
Foreign Students Admission
(For September 2018 Entry)

1. Graduate Schools, Divisions, and Studies

Graduate School Division (Studies) Program No. of students accepted
Economics Economics
(International Business Studies)
Master's A few
Letters International Language Education
(Japanese Language Education)
Please note
Length of study is 2 years.

2. Applicant Eligibility

Applicants who have non-Japanese nationality, and fit one of the descriptions 1 to 3 below.
  1. A person who graduated from a university, or a school equivalent to a university, or is due to graduate in August 2018.
  2. A person who completed 16 years of regular school and university education in a foreign country (whether or not he/she officially
  3. Any other person whom the university’s Graduate School Committee recognizes as having academic ability and eligibility for the selection process equivalent to or greater than a university graduate.
Points to Note
Information relating to individual faculty members’ research themes and teaching topics is available on the following website

3. Application Requirements

Applicants must meet the following requirements.
Graduate School of Economics
Applicants must have the English proficiency of TOEFL-iBT80+,or IELTS 6.0+.

Applicants must submit a score of TOEFL-iBT80+,or IELTS 6.0+ during the apprication period below.
Those for whom English is the first language must submit a certificate of graduation from high school and university.

Graduate School of Letters
Applicants must have the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test level N1.

Applicants must submit a passing certificate of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test level N1 during the application period below.

4. Application Period

Application Period for Admission Phase One
Applications must arrive between Tuesday, November 28, 2017 and Wednesday, January 10, 2018.
Application Period for Admission Phase Two
Applications must arrive between Tuesday, March 13, 2018 and Friday, April 13, 2018.

5. Application Fee

JPY 33,000 (to be paid during the above application period).
Please note
Applicants should pay via the web page using one of the credit cards accepted and send a document confirming payment of the application fee when making their application.
Credit cards accepted
VISA / MasterCard

6. Application Documents

Category Application Documents and Points to Note download
A Application for Admission (using the form provided by the university)
  • Complete all sections fully, except for those marked with an asterisk.
  • Attach one passport photo (3 cm x 4 cm; upper body only; bareheaded; no background; taken within three months).
  • In the academic background section, state all schools attended, their locations, the month and year you transferred to and from each school, etc. If you cannot fit all the information into the relevant section, attach a separate sheet detailing your academic background in full.
B Two passport photos
  • Passport photos taken within three months; 3 cm x 4 cm; upper body only; bareheaded; no background. Photos may be in color.
  • Two photos must be submitted in addition to the one attached to the application for admission in A above.
C-1 Academic Transcript from Previous University
  • Should include results for every year attended.
C-2 Academic Transcript from Previous Graduate School (if applicable)
  • Submit academic transcript including results for every year of attendance at graduate school after graduating university.
C-3 Certificate of Graduation or Certificate of Expected Graduation from Previous University
  • Applicants submitting certificates of expected graduation should submit a certificate of graduation promptly once they graduate. (If no certificate is issued, applicants should submit other documentary evidence of course completion.)
C-4 Certificate of Completion, Certificate of Expected Completion, or Certificate of Enrollment from Previous Graduate School (if applicable)
  • If applicants cannot submit any of the above certificates, they should submit other relevant documentary evidence.
C-5 Proof of Degree
  • A document verifying your receipt of a degree. If your degree is clearly stated on your certificate of graduation, there is no need to submit additional proof. If you have nothing that verifies your receipt of a bachelor’s degree, you should submit a document issued on behalf of the president or another senior representative of your previous university verifying your eligibility for graduate school.
C-6 Letters of Recommendation (2 types) (using the form provided by the university)
  • One letter should be written personally by the president, dean, or supervisor in your final high school (letters from teachers at Japanese language schools are not accepted). Your second recommendation letter may be written by anybody you choose.
C-7 Japanese-Language Proficiency Test Certificate
  • Applicants to the Graduate School of Letters: Submission mandatory
  • Submit Japanese Language-Proficiency Test level N1 pass certificate.
C-8 Certificate of English Language Proficiency
  • Applicants to the Graduate School of Economics: Submission mandatory
  • Applicants for whom English is not the first language must submit a score of TOEFL-iBT80+,or IELTS 6.0+.Those for whom English is the first language must submit a certificate of graduation from high school or university.
D Soka University Research Plan (using the form provided by the university)
  • No. of characters/words
    • Graduate School of Economics: Approximately 1,000 characters in Japanese or 700 words in English
    • Graduate School of Letters: Approximately 2,000 characters in Japanese or 700 words in English
E Summary of Graduation Thesis or Equivalent Dissertation (submission mandatory only for the relevant majors)
  • Applicants for the Division of International Language Education in the Graduate School of Letters who have written a graduation thesis must submit a summary of approximately 2,000 characters in Japanese or 700 words in English.
  • Submission is not required from applicants for the Graduate School of Economics.
F Statement of Financial Eligibility (using the form provided by the university)
  • Verify that your tuition fees and living expenses during your time at graduate school can be paid by attaching a document (e.g., a bank statement) to the form provided by the university, and submitting it.
  • Note
    • For further details, refer to the section below entitled Payment of Expenses.
G Preferences Regarding Acceptance Notice and Mailing Address (using the form provided by the university)
  • The address you provide will be used when mailing your acceptance notice and other documents, so ensure that you state an address and name that will enable you to receive the relevant mail.
H Proof of Application Fee Payment
  • After completing payment of the application fee by credit card via the university’s website, submit a print-out of the payment confirmation web page, or of the subsequent confirmation e-mail.

7. Points to Note When Applying

  1. All documents must be in either Japanese or English.
  2. Ensure that you attach a Japanese or English translation if any of the certificates or other documents you submit include languages other than Japanese or English.
  3. The content of application documents cannot be amended after they are received by the university.
  4. You may apply for only one division at a time; applications for more than one division are not permitted.
  5. Once application documents and application fees are received by the university they cannot be returned for any reason whatsoever.
  6. If your application documents are found to contain any false statements, your acceptance and admission to the university may be revoked.
  7. Application documents that are incomplete or submitted after the due date will not be included in the applicant selection process.

Payment of Expenses

As a statement of financial eligibility, the person paying expenses should complete and sign the form provided by the university, and a supporting document should be attached according to the requirements below.
If the applicant him/herself will pay expenses
  • A bank statement in the applicant’s own name (showing a balance of JPY 1.5 million or more)
If a relative will pay by sending money from the applicant’s home country
  • A bank statement in the name of the person sending money (showing a balance of JPY 1.5 million or more)
  • Documentary proof of employment
  • Documentary proof of annual income
  • Document verifying relationship with applicant (e.g., a copy of the family register, a certificate of residence, a notarized statement of kinship, etc.)
If a scholarship will be used to pay
  • Documentary proof of scholarship payment specifying the amount to be paid, the period of payment, and the organization paying
    (The allowance shown should amount to approximately JPY 1.5 million per year in total)
If a Japanese resident will pay
  • A tax document stating gross income (e.g., a photocopy of an income tax return counterfoil (kakutei shinkoku hikae no utsushi), a certificate of tax deducted at source (gensenchoshuhyo))
  • Documentary proof of employment (self-employed persons should provide a photocopy of the company registration (tokibotohon no utsushi), an operating license (eigyo kyokasho), or similar document)
  • Certificate of residence
  • If the Japanese resident is an acquaintance or friend, provide evidence of his/her relationship to the applicant (e.g., a photograph in which he/she appears with the applicant)

8. Selection Method

Graduate School Division (Studies) Selection Method
Economics Economics
(International Business Studies)
  1. Document screening
  2. Oral examination (English)
Letters International Language Education 
(Japanese Language Education)
  1. Document screening
  2. Oral examination (Japanese)
  1. Oral examinations for international applicants living in Japan will be held in a classroom on the Soka University campus.
  2. Oral examinations for international applicants living outside Japan will be conducted using Skype or an alternative method.

9. Date of Oral Examinations (Conducted only for the Division of Sociology and the Studies of Japanese Language Education within the Division of International Language Education.)

Admission Phase One
Sunday, February 11, 2018; From 15:30 p.m. Japan Standard Time
Admission Phase Two
Around May 2018(More details will be posted on Soka Graduate Schools' website at the end of November 2017.)
Please note
For international applicants living outside Japan the times and dates of oral examinations may be changed in light of time differences. The university will consider any changes in timing after receiving applications, and will contact the relevant applicants accordingly.

10. Announcement of Admissions

Admission Phase One
Friday, February 16, 2018; 11:00 a.m. Japan Standard Time
Admission Phase Two
Around May 2018(More details will be posted on Soka Graduate Schools' website at the end of November 2017.)
One of the following three admissions results will be notified by e-mail to each applicant
(1) Admission approved Admission to graduate school from the following September approved.
(2) Admission declined Screening indicated that the applicant does not meet the criteria for admission.
(3) Ineligible to apply The applicant was deemed ineligible for admission to graduate school.
  1. The university will send an acceptance notice and related documents to applicants whose admission is approved.
  2. The university will not reply to any inquiries relating to the results of the screening process received by telephone or postal mail.

11. Procedure for Payment of Fees

Applicants approved for admission should complete the admissions procedure and pay admission and tuition fees, etc., within the time limits prescribed below. The university will provide further written details when announcing admissions.
(1) Payment of Admission Fee
Admission fee: JPY 246,000
Those admitted in Admission Phase One
Monday, February 19 to Monday, February 26, 2018
Those admitted in Admission Phase Two
Wednesday, May 30 to Thursday, June 7, 2018
(2) Payment of annual tuition and other tuition fees
Annual tuition, etc.: JPY 306,430
Those admitted in Admission Phase One and Admission Phase Two
Friday, July 20 to Friday, July 27, 2018
Tuition Fees for 2017 Academic Year Fall Semester (for reference only)
Fee category During (1) or (2) above Timing of payment
Admission fee JPY 246,000 During (1) above
Annual tuition JPY 250,000 During (2) above
Facilities and maintenance fee JPY 50,000
Health expenditure JPY 4,000
Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research JPY 2,430
Total JPY 552,430  
Please note
The admission fee is JPY 123,000 for Soka University graduates and those who completed the Japan Studies Center program, graduated from the Division of Correspondence Education, or completed an advanced information systems technology course at Soka University.
(3) Points to Note
  1. If you do not complete the necessary procedures for payment during the time limits stipulated above, the university will revoke its approval of your admission.
  2. The amounts of Annual tuition, Facilities and maintenance fee, and Health expenditure are for one semester. Tuition fees for a whole year is twice the amounts above.
  3. If you decide not to enter the university for personal reasons following completion of the admissions procedure, the university will return to you the annual tuition, etc., excluding the admission fee. However, this applies only if you notify the university by the day before your entrance ceremony.

12. Other Matters

(1) Applying for a Certificate of Eligibility for Residence Status and Obtaining a Visa
In principle, non-Japanese applicants need to obtain student residence status once their admission to the university has been approved. After acceptance to the university, prospective students need to complete the procedures to acquire residence status, enter, and reside in Japan.
Application by the university on your behalf

The university will apply for a Certificate of Eligibility on your behalf. Please submit the Checklist for Certificate of Eligibility Application (using the form provided by the university) during the admissions procedure. Be aware that the university will not apply for a Certificate of Eligibility for you if you do not submit this checklist.
  • Certificates of Eligibility are approved by the Ministry of Justice, and the university cannot assume any responsibility in situations where approval is denied.
  • Even if the university applies on your behalf, the Ministry of Justice may require you to submit certificates or other documents as necessary.
(2) Scholarships for International Students
Academic Fee Exemption
At Soka, international students are granted full exemption from academic fees (not including the admission fee or insurance fees). Applicants who wish to receive exemption shall apply for the Exemption. Submit the Soka University International Student Application for Academic Fee Exemption and attach official documents issued by public agencies stating the household income and income tax information for the most recent 1 year *.

“Most recent 1 year” refers to 2015 (January to December) for Admission Phase One, and 2016 (January to December) for Admission Phase Two.

In principle, household income refers to those of the father and mother or an individual other than a parent if that supporter is primarily financing the household.

  • Scholarship application results will be notified joinly with admission decisions to granted applicants only.
  • After enrollment, a review of exemption for the subsequent academic year will be conducted yearly. Depending on the grades, exemption may not be granted for the subsequent year.
  • Academic Fee Exemption can be granted for the duration of the standard term (2 years) at most.
Application for Academic Fee Exemption Japanese Word / English Word
Soka grants scholarship of 60,000 JPY to international students enrolled in graduate school. Application procedures will be explained after enrollment at the briefing session for International Students Scholarship.

In principle, if a student is receiving scholarship from elsewhere, scholarship from Soka would not be granted.

Address for sending applications and contact for inquiries
Graduate Schools Section, Faculty Administration Department, Faculty Affairs Office, Soka University,

1-236 Tangi-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-8577

Tel: +81-42-691-9423
Fax: +81-42-691-8232