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  • Holding of a MOU Commemorative Event with Shoolini University

2022/02/25 15:47

Holding of a MOU Commemorative Event with Shoolini University

Soka University South Asia Research Center and Shoolini University, India signed a Memorandum of Understanding and an event to celebrate the signing was held on Friday, February 18.

President Yoshihisa Baba of Soka University and Vice Chancellor Atul Khosla of Shoolini University, expressed their hope that this partnership would develop over time, bringing the two universities and cultures together, and contributing to a better, more peaceful world.

Prof. Mukesh Williams, advisor to the South Asia Research Center at Soka University said that the collaboration will pave the way for deeper Japan-India relations. He has been given the title of distinguished Professor at Shoolini University, and he presented the MoU documents on behalf of Shoolini University to President Yoshihisa Baba.

The following are some articles in Indian newspapers regarding the event.
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https://twitter.com/NewsSamna/status/1495021432950034433?t=dXKWJjNArvhVgay3z_eIJQ&s=08 (Hindi)
http://www.himshimlalive.com/?p=77315 (Hindi)


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