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Related Research Institutions

  • Peace Research Institute
    • Research Center for Asian Studies
    • Research Center for African Studies
  • Institute of Life Science
  • International Research Institution for Advanced Buddhology
  • Institute for the Comparative Study of Cultures
    • Silk Road Research Center
    • Natural Environment Research Center
  • Research Institution Law of Important Facts Graduate Program
  • Soka Education Research Institute

Related Institutions and Centers

  • World Language Center
  • Library
  • Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
  • General Information Center
  • Career Center
  • Teacher Education Career Center
  • Organization for Undergraduate Education Majors
  • Educational Psychology Counseling Center
  • International Research and Development Center
  • State Examination Research Office
  • Administrative Education Center
  • Finance・Taxation Educational Center
  • Journalism Center
  • Correspondence Course Qualifying Examination Guidance Center
  • Student Counseling Office
  • Elementary・Junior・High School・Science and Mathematics Education Support Center
  • University FD Committee
  • Health Center