English Medium Programs (EMP)

About the English Medium Programs

The English Medium Program (EMP) is a general term for courses in which international and Japanese students can study using only English. Soka University currently offers 11 courses (as of AY 2019). Not only the number of Faculty courses but also the number of General Education courses taught in English have been increasing. Through these courses, international students can earn a degree in a particular field without any Japanese language barrier and Japanese students can learn in English alongside international students, creating a valuable opportunity for them to experience the global standard.
Students can make flexible course selections by combining EMP courses with courses taught in Japanese, which allows them to challenge themselves by taking specialized courses in accordance with their language proficiency.



English Medium Courses

Offered courses for the English Medium Programs can be searched using the syllabus search engine below or from each EMP’s website. Some of the courses may not be offered in certain semesters.