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Related Matter Office Email Address Phone Number
General affairs General Affairs Office 042-691-2215
Undergraduate Entrance Examinations Admission Office 042-691-4617
Returnees and International Students Admissions International Affairs Office 042-691-8200
Entrance Examinations (Humanities) Academic Affairs Office 042-691-2203
Entrance Examinations (Engineering) Faculty of Engineering Academic Affairs Office 042-691-9400
Open Summer Seminars General Affairs Office 042-691-2215
Professors Office of Faculty Affairs 042-691-2204
Co\urse Registration and Grades Academic Affairs Office 042-691-2203
Scholarships Student Affairs Office 042-691-2161
Donations Finance Office 042-691-2213
Correspondence Education Correspondence Education Office 042-691-3451
Women’s College Soka Women’s College Office 042-691-2201
Employment Career Center 042-691-3523
University Library Central Library 042-691-3191
Alumni Association Souyukai Alumni Association Office 042-691-1300
International Exchange International Affairs Office 042-691-8200
Industry-Academia Collaboration Liaison Office 042-691-9400
Faculty of Engineering Office of Engineering 042-691-9400
Information Systems Information Systems Office 042-691-2216
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Postal Code:192-8577
Address:Tokyo-to, Hachioji-shi Tangi-cho 1-236
Phone Number:042-691-2211 (Representative)